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And You Are The Lucky Winner!

February 9, 2011

        Years ago my son and I were at a mall, and he spotted a contest. To enter all you had to do was write a short essay on why you should win, and complete a brief demographic data sheet. The winner got a free weekend at a fancy resort.

        I helped him fill his out. We said he was a thirty-seven year old married executive who made 500 thousand dollars a years. He drove a Porsche car, loved to travel, visited Europe once a year, and enjoyed fine wine. He owned some beach property in S.C.

       I filled mine out and said I really hoped I could win this vacation. I had a bad back and was on disability. I was on the verge of bankruptcy and in poor heath. I’d always wanted to go to the beach but never could afford to go.

          My boy was only about thirteen at the time. “Why’d you lie to ’em Dad? Ain’t nothing wrong with you. And I’m not rich like the way you filled that out.”

        “I wanted to see who’d win.”

        I know you’re not surprised he won the contest. I never heard a word from them. He declined to accept. “They’re just trying to sell me something aren’t they, Dad ?”

        “Son, when a perfect stranger offers to give you something for free, beware.”

        He’s a fine young man who learned his lessons very well before he left the nest. I’m proud of the boy. A lot of young’uns think their parents are dumb. Ours never did.

Dr. B