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Grandpa’s Mandolin Book, a Coloring Book for Children of all Ages.”

December 26, 2011

        My Song of the Day on FaceBook was “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster, as played by me. This one makes a fine mandolin lullaby for a grandchild. I feel sorry for families who have no music traditions.

        With severe illness you need some motivation to live, and I had plenty, but this new grandchild gives me more resolve than ever. I can just picture me teaching him mandolin out of my children’s book in five years or so.

        “Grandpa’s Mandolin Coloring Book” is a light-hearted romp through the Creation, ancient Greek history, Bill Monroe, Roy Huskey Jr, the light spectrum of the rainbow, music intervals, and more. I had several test readers on this one and they all offered excellent suggestions. Perhaps my favorite input so far came from a prominent family of professional musicians. In their house the children dug the book so much they got an old mandolin out of the closet and took up the instument. (This was a banjo, guitar, and bass household, but like many of the bluegrass families the adults can play ’em all.)

         It is very appropriate that children would like my book, perhaps even more than adults, because I never grew up. I’ve often said I’m nothing but an overgrown child who God blessed with a decent grown-up doctor brain and a fine wife, otherwise I think I’d a starved to death.

       The book prototype will go back to the graphic artist for some minor revision right after the first of the year, and I hope to have it out in a couple of months. I am very excited about it because it is dedicated to our grandchild and it revives the tradition in our family; we pass it on. My children play several instruments and love music because of the influence of both me and their Mom. I am very proud we passed it on, and the thought the book might facilitate other families to do the same thrills me. And don’t worry, even if your family has no music background this little book will be an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to start a new family tradition.

       Hope y’all had a blessed Christmas and will have a prosperous New Year. Here’s to traditional music in 2012. Let’s all do what we can to raise awareness for the art form. I believe the world longs for real music and our people play it.

Dr. B


Fish Don’t Need Snorkels

November 3, 2011

        Karen Collum, a writer pal of mine from Australia, just sent me a copy of her new children’s book, “Fish Don’t Need Snorkels.” Even a man knows this is a cute book. It explores the uniqueness of all of God’s creations, both in animals and human beings. I plan to read it to my new grandson the next time we are together. Here’s where you can order it in the U.S.

        One of the best things about writing is you make new creative friends of like minds from all over the world. Y’all check out Ms Karen Collum. She’s on my blogroll. I plan to send her my children’s mandolin book when it is finished. The character “Australia Sam” was created in honor of her son Samuel. I hope to release it after the first of the year.

Dr. B

Samuel’s Kisses

March 2, 2011

        Back when I was writing “The Mandolin Case” an Australian author and editor named Karen Collum became a blog pal, a friend, and then a test reader for my book. She was quite helpful, and we’ve kept up with each other through the years.

       So, you can imagine how pleased I was when this little book showed up on my desk. “Samuel’s Kisses,” named for Karen’s son, is a children’s book. With a grandchild on the way you can be sure who I’ll read it to soon.

        Like children’s books should be it is a simple book. It shows that nothing is more special than child-like love. You hope you can raise ’em where they stay that way and never learn to hate.

        When this book came in my office staff read it and deemed it “precious.” Most of them are Moms so you know this is a good children’s story. Very cool.

       Congratulations Karen, and may many more follow.

Dr. B