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The Bumper (Case) Sticker That Went ‘Round The World

December 13, 2010

        Doc is having way too much fun; as much as they allow old people to have.

        Here’s how this got started. A well-known instrument case company has talked to me about a possible endorsement of their line of mandolin cases. The case is in the prototype stage right now, but I like what I’ve heard so far. They are gonna keep me posted with drawings etc. to see what I think. It may well turn out to be the lightest and strongest mandolin case ever produced.

       Anyway, I decided to print up 100 prototype promotional case stickers, and posted it on my FaceBook page to see if anyone wanted one. They were spoken for in 24 hours. 

        I have already decided to print up some more to get ready for the 2011 festival season. (I have twelve stops on the schedule right now) If the case deal goes through the new ones may also sport the name of the company, but I guess whoever has a hold of the first 100 can lay claim to the original. (that and a buck might get ya a cup of coffee)

        I thought my wordpress readers might like to see a picture of it, so I posted it here on my old case for y’all to see.

        About all I can say is this Internet thing is powerful. Here in Harvey County we just retired the Pony Express, and we’re still on dial-up, but I’ve never seen the likes of this modern communication.

Dr. B