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The Bluegrass Brain Cancer Boogie- Now on Amazon

November 23, 2011

        When I was first diagnosed with brain cancer my Lit agent encouraged me to keep a diary. My nature is to write things down so it was a natural. He liked it so much he asked to publish it on Kindle and it went on sale today. It is only 2.99. This is not a big money item and I plan to use part of the proceeds to cover some of my cancer treatment not covered by insurance (don’t worry; I have good coverage) and give some to some kind of cancer charity. My number one goal was the hope the diary would make some patient’s burdens easier to bear.

        My publisher used the word “cure” on the cover and I said “wait a minute guys, I’m not there yet.” They replied, “Oh, we thought the music cured you.” What could I say to that but “Press on!”

        I have chemo today, but will post some links later. All you have to do for now is click on, enter the Kindle store category and search “Bluegrass Brain Tumor Boogie” by Tom Bibey and it’ll pop up.

        Y’all have wonderful Thanksgiving. Music is a big part of my healing, but all my friends, be they electronic or Harvey County flesh and blood, have been a big factor in my happiness and progress too. I hope you all have a blessed holiday.

Dr. B


D day today

June 8, 2011

        This is my first day of all out concomitant Radiation oncology and  chemotherapy. Pretreatment and early preparation was an unqualified success. My hematologist chose my Rad oncology Center (and with my 100% blessings because he trusted the docs, knew the staff,and knew of their state of art equipment, but also because he knew of special attributes they would bring to the table for this old bluegrass doc that would bring extra power to my plan and improve my odds. Look for his report in the NEJM someday, but you will be able to read it here on my blog long before that. (You will always hear it here first, even before the Enquirer, thank goodness) I plan to post on Monday and update you at least every week. Look for that Monday post;I anticipate it will be extra good (and not too long) 

           And as always I promise only here will you be able to get the true inside physician bluegrass story on the world of Radiation Oncology. As always I promise you can count on me to write physician bluegrass fiction to show you the truth, but also tell no facts to protect the privacy of the other patients.

        I enter the battle with concern but no fear . I have Jesus, family, and music in my heart, and so many friends by my side. They all ask have asked what they can do. This is all I need: Keep the music going. If you ever drift thru my area sit down with me for a meal and play me a song. And go to MACC and or send ’em money. That’s it. Play “Long Gone” for me every so often. (My tumor’s theme song until we kick it out of its unlawful residence) Go Bluegrass. you’re part of saving me every day you play.

        And say a prayer for those who suffer and have no relief in sight. They have it far worse than I do. Let’s never forget them.

Dr. B