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And the Rest of the Story (The Comeback Kid)

September 11, 2011

       I have cleared all medical scrutiny and get to return to work part-time. My doc role will not be the same as my health will not allow it. However I want to do what I can. Paul Harvey would say, “Now, for the rest of the story.”  I have to re-invent myself as this all evolves. My job will be different but thanks to the wisdom of my employer I will return Tuesday of this week on a part-time mentorship status. (advisory capacity and part time only)) I’ve been tested extensively. My cognitive function is intact. I’m at no risk for seizures. My balance is shaky in the mornings but stabilizes after an hour or two. My distance vision is fine. My close vision is a problem at this time. However, it may improve. I hold out hope I’ll be “The Comeback Kid.”

        When I first developed my brain tumor my only prayer was that even if I emerged impaired in some way that it would not destroy all of my ability to serve. Those prayers have been answered.  At the very minimum I should be able to serve as a mentor and advisor to a nurse practitioner. Over the next few years I should be able to transition my patients where they are not abandoned. Over time if I have continued improvement I may possibly return to full-time doctor status. It makes me happy to know that I’m not gonna be unproductive. I stay prepared and continue my medical education via The American Academy Home Study program. (Who’d want a doc who doesn’t keep up?)

        I want my patient’s to know I take no chances with them. I’ve been cleared by my radiation therapist, my oncologist, and by the Medical Director of our organization to return. As long as I have a set of eyes to help me I can be of help. 

        I have to tell you my Medical Director set the tone for the comeback. At the end of our interview he said, “Doc, I want to ask you one last question. Do you listen to your nurses?”

        “Yes sir,” I replied.”I have two Christian sister nurses I worked with for twenty-five years, and some fine new ones too. One major secret to my success is I listen to what my wife recommends at home and I listen to their advice at the office.”

        “Good. I’ll let you return if you promise to pay attention to what they say. If they believe you are doing too much and getting tired, I want you to report back to me so we can adjust.” You still have a lot of treatment to go, and we want your heath to come first.”

        When I went home tears welled up. How can a man not be loyal to an organization that takes that position?

        I have made enormous progress early on in treatment and that I have significant hope for survival. Because of Faith, Family, Friends, Music, and Fine Medical care I am gonna make it. 

        I have several book and artistic projects in the works and will update you on these over the next few months so stay tuned. I appreciate all of your prayers and concerns. You have been significant part of my healing process.

        Also I wanted to let my blog readers know I have improved enough to add another short post mid-week so y’all look for that too.

Dr. B