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The Bluegrass Brain Cancer Boogie- Now on Amazon

November 23, 2011

        When I was first diagnosed with brain cancer my Lit agent encouraged me to keep a diary. My nature is to write things down so it was a natural. He liked it so much he asked to publish it on Kindle and it went on sale today. It is only 2.99. This is not a big money item and I plan to use part of the proceeds to cover some of my cancer treatment not covered by insurance (don’t worry; I have good coverage) and give some to some kind of cancer charity. My number one goal was the hope the diary would make some patient’s burdens easier to bear.

        My publisher used the word “cure” on the cover and I said “wait a minute guys, I’m not there yet.” They replied, “Oh, we thought the music cured you.” What could I say to that but “Press on!”

        I have chemo today, but will post some links later. All you have to do for now is click on, enter the Kindle store category and search “Bluegrass Brain Tumor Boogie” by Tom Bibey and it’ll pop up.

        Y’all have wonderful Thanksgiving. Music is a big part of my healing, but all my friends, be they electronic or Harvey County flesh and blood, have been a big factor in my happiness and progress too. I hope you all have a blessed holiday.

Dr. B


When a Man Loves a Woman

June 8, 2011

        First day of combo aggressive treatment went well. My Rad Oncologist is the most modern as is her staff and equipment. The big Medical Center said, “They can do you just as well as we can.” At the first consultation my Doc and her Staff corrected that assertion. “We can do just a touch better, ’cause we know ya. You’re’re in the home of Earl Scruggs, and that gives us extra power. you won’t have quite as long as ride back to Harvey County from here, so you’ll get back to prescribed nap time quicker. Wait and see.”

         It started out with chemo of course, and then some very cool non drug induced (except chemo) laser light show.

         Then they put on my Bolo mask. “We’re gonna put on some music for you before we start. The song was “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Percy Sledge. “Do you have any questions?”

        “Okay, how did y’all know I played horns in a soul band  way back wwhen? That was one of me and Marfar’s theme songs when we met.”

        “You know a Snookers Molesby?”

        “Sure. Ace of the Harvey High Mad Hornet golf team. How do you know Snook?”

         “Doc when take a history, we take a history. We promised even more personal care than the Medical Center with equal high-tech.”

        I gave ’em a thumbs up. They hit all the co-ordinates. Spot on! More to follow somewhere around Monday.

Dr. B

The Battle Begins

May 31, 2011

        The battle begins in the AM. I can tell the pre-treatment light artillery has softened the target some and I can’t wait to see what the smart bombs do.

         It will be two months of intensive treatment. By August I should have a good idea where it is going.

         Prayers and concern but no fear guys. In my prayers God says He ain’t done with me yet.

Dr. B