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Acquisition Syndrome – A Working Subtitle

January 8, 2011

        As y’all know, I’m at work on my second novel, “Acquisition Syndrome.” I’ve had several folks ask, and yes, it is a sequel to “The Mandolin Case.”

        Indie is gone of course, but his lessons are not lost on Dr. Bones Robertson. “The Mandolin Case” was a long time ago, and Bones is now up in age himself. In the story of “Acquisition Syndrome,” Bones watches medical practice morph from healing art into a business. It is not a trend Bones likes, or one he thinks Indie would be in favor of either.

        But Bones is only one country doctor. As medicine transforms from a mom and pop cottage industry to Board Room control, he has to adapt the best he can.

        Back when “The Mandolin Case” was in progress my agent and I bantered back and forth for several weeks about a subtitle. One of us, let’s see now, somehow my often excellent memory fails me for the moment as to which one of us it was ….hmm, oh well, anyway one of us decided the term “honest lawyers” had to be included in the subtitle. It became a byline that caught the eye of many a reader.

       They’d pick up the book, read that, give me a sideways look, and say “Honest lawyers? C’mon, Doc. This has gotta be fiction.”

       “It is,” I’d reply. “But it’s true fiction.”

       It’s way too early ask your advice ’cause you haven’t read much back-story yet, but I have begun to think about a subtitle for “Acquisition Syndrome.” If y’all have any thoughts, send ’em my way. If by chance yours is selected by the publisher, I promise you’ll get a free signed copy if I have to buy it wholesale and ship it out to you myself.

       Do keep one thing in mind. Last time the publisher insisted on the symmetry that goes along with threes. In “The Mandolin Case” it was “Country Doctors, Honest Lawyers, and True Music.”

       So here’s my first try at a subtitle for the next project. Any thoughts? 

       “Acquisition Syndrome” – “True Stories, Bad Money, and The Doctor Biz”

       Let me know what you think.

Dr. B