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Serendipity Strikes Again

December 14, 2009

        Yesterday in the Sunday paper someone wrote a nostalgic article on serendipity.  Their concern was that the days might have passed us by when one flips though bins of vinyl in obscure record stores and to read liner notes of LPs in search of undiscovered treasures.  In an instant access virtual world, they saw no reason to hang out at book stores and comb through shelves to find a new author you’ve never read.  They feared for the loss of serendipity and spontaneous discovery.

        The article was well written and they have a point, but I don’t feel like all is lost.  I do understand how they feel, though.  When I was a kid everything was so new.  There isn’t but one first trip to the beach to have the sand squish up through your toes and scamper away squealing to your mom when the waves crash around you.  You only have one first real love.  (I got lucky and married mine.)  Bill Monroe’s mandolin and bluegrass music can only be a new experience one time.

         At my age sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all twice, but I still search for the new.  Sometimes I find it.  For an old guy I still had a decent child-like imagination anyway, but with the Internet my sense of wonder has only been enhanced.   To me the trick to modern life is to take full advantage of the new, but also never forget the old values. 

        Every human invention can be used for good or bad, and the Internet might be the all-time number one example.  The network has allowed me to communicate with like-minded folks all over the world, and I am grateful for it.  I want to find the tens of thousands of folks in the world who seek a life of grace and dignity, and don’t worry too much about the mean-spirited ones out there I can’t do anything about.  I figure if people who write from a perspective of hate can be famous, old Doc can at least get published to speak for some of us simple folks who only set out to lead a decent though not perfect life.

        For me the last few years have been serendipity at it’s best.  I’ve had the good fortune to get to know a lot of people whose address is not in Harvey County but still live here is spirit.  What could be better luck than that? 

        Take yesterday.  I ran across a lady named Val who writes a very cool blog.  She lives a thousand miles from Harvey County and yet with her post titled ‘the blog as a legacy’ she showed she understood my motivation to write as well as an old friend.  She’s on my blogroll now.  Y’all check out her site.  (Cindy in particular, I think you would enjoy her thoughts.)   

       Next weekend I believe I’ll take my wife to the book store and browse around.  Who knows?  One of these days it might just be ‘The Mandolin Case’ on the shelf.  When it is I want to take a copy to my mom.  I’m also gonna look for books from folks like Val and Cindy.  I know they have books in ’em too.  When all that happens I’ll get on the blog and let folks know.  We all gotta stick together.

        I believe there is still plenty of serendipity left if we don’t forget to keep an eye out for it.  What do you guys think?

Dr. B