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‘Lectric Silver and Still Slidin’ Along

April 2, 2011

        Yesterday was one of those days when your people make you feel a bit younger. One of my office staff young’uns told me my hair wasn’t gray but electric silver. Come Monday I’m gonna nominate her for “Employee of the Month.” 

        We spent the day at the Darin and Brooke Aldridge Music festival. Here’s the address: ‎5799 Coot Williams Rd. • Cherryville NC 28021. It’s the destination of the day for music lovers in North Carolina, the Eastern Seaboard, and parts unknown.

        The festival opened with a golf tournament yesterday. Darin and Brooke teamed up with me and Munro the Stockbroker, a veteran of the old J.C. Goosie Space Coast mini-tour. Trust me, he can still play. It was a pretty day with a slight breeze; when the chill knocked off around 11:00 we  dug up some game in our souls and found a bit of magic. Much fun.

        I’ve got two sets at the festival today. It’s out in the country but you can’t miss it. Our GPS lady had no trouble at all, She’s French, and quite cosmopolitan, but got into the hot music, chili, coffee like she’d been hanging out with us all her life. Bluegrass ain’t nothing but a big family reunion. Y’all come join us. 

        There’ll be some great bands out there today, and I’m gonna play too. What I lack in talent I’ll make up for in enthusiasm. You won’t know the difference unless you’re an expert. You can’t miss me either; I’m the doc with one green and one blue eye, the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer; the old pro bubble tester and semi-serious mandolinist. Deep down inside I’m still the same kid who showed up at Sandhills and said I wanted to be a doctor ’cause I was good with books and wanted to help people.

        They looked at me and said, “They all say that. Are you for real?”

        If I interviewed today I’d say the same thing. I haven’t changed at all. As my daughter says, “Daddy, some things never change and you’re one of ’em.” My hair might be ‘lectric silver but I’m still sliding along the same old way. 

        Here’s some websites to check out:  and also

        Y’all come shake and howdy.

Dr. B