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Smoking Ed’s BBQ Book Signing

July 30, 2010

         There’s a first for everything and today is my first Barbecue Book signing. We’re at Smoking Ed’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

        My agent called some time back. “Can you do a book signing at lunch before the Mountain Opry at Signal Mountain that night?”

        “Sure, boss, as long as it’s bluegrass.”

         “Whadda ya mean?”

         “Well, first off, it needs to be barbecue.”

        “No problem. We’ve got plenty of barbecue in Chattanooga.”

         “Great. But, it has to be true bluegrass.”

         “How’s that?”

          “Of course it has to be good cue. That’s a given. Barbecue is one of the four food groups in bluegrass.”

         “Okay, what else?”

        “Gotta have a train.”

        “Shouldn’t be problem there. This is Chattanooga. Anything else?”

       “Yeah, boss. Really need a church on the hill and a graveyard.”

        “Good Lord, son. You gotta be so contrary?”

        “I’m bluegrass, boss.”

        He drove me out to the place. Smoking Ed’s. We no more than got there and the Norfolk Southern rolled by and blew the whistle. “Looks good, boss.”

       “Son, look up on the hill.”

        It was a graveyard and a country church.

       “Boss, as Earl said about Vassar Clements, this’ll do. I wish Norman Blake could see this. He loves trains.”

       The first customer was a young lady who asked for “The Kentucky Waltz.” Very cool. Smoking Ed’s BBQ, 1:30. It looks just like the set on “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Y’all come out.

Dr. B