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Red Cross In Australia

February 9, 2009

        Folks, our friends in Australia have a major disaster on their hands.  A wildfire has leveled towns and killed a lot of people there.  I saw their Prime Minister on T.V. and he was very upset.  I can be cynical about politics sometimes, but this man was in genuine pain.  His television address was no political play whatsoever.  It reminded me of the despair we all felt about Katrina.  

        I write because I love to write and tell y’all about bluegrass, and I keep my blog pretty much commercial free, but when I see a good cause….  well, I guess it is just the Doc in me, and I’m gonna send ’em a little something.  If y’all feel so moved, I hope you’ll consider that too.  One of my readers is Ms. Karen who is from Queensland, and I pasted her response to my query below.

Dr. B


Here are her thoughts:

Thanks Dr B. It has been an horrendous few days in our beautiful sunburnt country. It’s the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history. It really is incomprehensible how ferocious and devastating the fires were. The fires are mainly in the state of Victoria which is on the southern tip of mainland Australia (only Tasmania is further south). We lived there for 6 years – in fact, two of the places we lived in were affected by the fires. All my family live in Victoria but are thankfully out of danger. They are about an hour away from the worst hit areas. The fire was so intense that people simply didn’t stand a chance – no matter how well prepared they were. The death toll is now up to 130 and climbing. Entire towns have simply been wiped out. Arson is suspected in a large number of cases so these towns are now crime scenes. Over 750 homes have been destroyed. It really is catastrophic. We have a nation in mourning at the moment. My three-year-old understands what’s going on – he asked me some very insightful questions today about where people are going to get clothes and food from. Then he told me he wanted to give the people whose houses burned down a present. We’re going down to the bank tomorrow to give some money from his piggy bank (and mine!) to the cause. Life is so precious…thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

In a painfully ironic situation, north Queensland is in flood. Some towns are totally underwater. A 5 year old was taken by a crocodile in flood waters yesterday. We certainly have both extremes going on in this vast country…

  •   Karen Says:
  • February 9, 2009 at 6:59 pm e  Thank you so much Dr. B!  The Red Cross are co-ordinating the main fundraising for disaster relief. Their address is – the website is rather slow as there are so many people donating, so please be patient.

    Thanks again for supporting our people. It’s going to be a long road to healing…

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