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ADK- Harmony in the Hills (Four Part Harmony)

April 11, 2011

        I want to thank all the ADK folks for hosting a session about the book journey of “The Mandolin Case.” It was my first teacher convention and they made me feel right at home. The theme was “Harmony in the Hills,” so I fit right in. While I was there I found out they support great causes like St. Jude and the Food Bank, so I was all about being a part of their gig.

       Don’t tell my agent but I never did write down my outline. He knows I am always writing in my head and stays behind me to download it to paper. (I’m thankful for him, I’m a touch ADD and might not get it done otherwise.)

      So in keeping with the theme, I’ve decided to call the hour session “Four Part Harmony.” The four parts were as follows:

        1. Why I write

        2. How I became a writer

        3. How to get published (at least how I did) and

        4. How to use the Internet to promote your work.

        I opened with a song (not surprised there, huh?) then gave a synopsis of the plan. Then I introduced each section with a brief overview. At the end of each part I reviewed, played another song, took questions, then launched into the next segment. I kept an eye on my watch and kept each segment to about fifteen minutes.

          My wife was very pleased. “Honey, that’s the same technique teachers use in the classroom. How did you know to do that?”

        “I dunno. I figured they were teachers and when you’re in Rome you do as the Romans do.” (I never was a teacher except with my med students, but I’ve attended many a lecture in my time.) “I gotta admit they made it easy, though. They all paid attention and asked intelligent questions. No one threw paper airplanes at me or anything. They have to work a tougher crowd than I do, and I guess they wanted to make it as easy on me as possible.”

        So thanks again guys for a fun gig. My Mama was a teacher, and I fell in love with one years ago, so I always have liked teachers. Your banquet speaker said teachers have the opportunity to influence people more than any other profession and I agree. My life would have never been the same except for my teachers so here’s to you this Monday morning. Tell your students Doc said they better pay attention. You never know when the things you learn might come in handy.

Dr. B