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When a Man Loves a Woman

June 8, 2011

        First day of combo aggressive treatment went well. My Rad Oncologist is the most modern as is her staff and equipment. The big Medical Center said, “They can do you just as well as we can.” At the first consultation my Doc and her Staff corrected that assertion. “We can do just a touch better, ’cause we know ya. You’re’re in the home of Earl Scruggs, and that gives us extra power. you won’t have quite as long as ride back to Harvey County from here, so you’ll get back to prescribed nap time quicker. Wait and see.”

         It started out with chemo of course, and then some very cool non drug induced (except chemo) laser light show.

         Then they put on my Bolo mask. “We’re gonna put on some music for you before we start. The song was “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Percy Sledge. “Do you have any questions?”

        “Okay, how did y’all know I played horns in a soul band  way back wwhen? That was one of me and Marfar’s theme songs when we met.”

        “You know a Snookers Molesby?”

        “Sure. Ace of the Harvey High Mad Hornet golf team. How do you know Snook?”

         “Doc when take a history, we take a history. We promised even more personal care than the Medical Center with equal high-tech.”

        I gave ’em a thumbs up. They hit all the co-ordinates. Spot on! More to follow somewhere around Monday.

Dr. B


D day today

June 8, 2011

        This is my first day of all out concomitant Radiation oncology and  chemotherapy. Pretreatment and early preparation was an unqualified success. My hematologist chose my Rad oncology Center (and with my 100% blessings because he trusted the docs, knew the staff,and knew of their state of art equipment, but also because he knew of special attributes they would bring to the table for this old bluegrass doc that would bring extra power to my plan and improve my odds. Look for his report in the NEJM someday, but you will be able to read it here on my blog long before that. (You will always hear it here first, even before the Enquirer, thank goodness) I plan to post on Monday and update you at least every week. Look for that Monday post;I anticipate it will be extra good (and not too long) 

           And as always I promise only here will you be able to get the true inside physician bluegrass story on the world of Radiation Oncology. As always I promise you can count on me to write physician bluegrass fiction to show you the truth, but also tell no facts to protect the privacy of the other patients.

        I enter the battle with concern but no fear . I have Jesus, family, and music in my heart, and so many friends by my side. They all ask have asked what they can do. This is all I need: Keep the music going. If you ever drift thru my area sit down with me for a meal and play me a song. And go to MACC and or send ’em money. That’s it. Play “Long Gone” for me every so often. (My tumor’s theme song until we kick it out of its unlawful residence) Go Bluegrass. you’re part of saving me every day you play.

        And say a prayer for those who suffer and have no relief in sight. They have it far worse than I do. Let’s never forget them.

Dr. B

A new Sponsor: Weber Mandolins

June 3, 2011

Weber Mandolin is now the official mandolin of the Tommy Bibey and Mandolin Case Tour.  already owned three Of Bruce Weber’s lovely creations. recently one of his dealers, John Reid at Shelby Music Center in the home of Earl Scruggs acquired  a WEBER mandola at an artist discount for me. (Harvey County didn’t have  dealer that big)

         Right away I assigned co-ownership of the mandola to Darin Aldridge. My illness is gonna keep me off the road two months and I wanted him to be able to take it out there and show it off. It is way too much instrument to just sit at the house, and Bruce Weber deserves the exposure for his fine craftmanship and quality. website:       

        Please Thank Weber, Shelby Music, and Darin for their belief in me. Like my wife no one seems to think my song is “Long Gone” yet. 

Dr. B

I Saw the Light

June 2, 2011

        I saw the light a long time ago, but today I start Radiation therapy, so I reckon my headlight ‘ll burn a little brighter for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not a radiation to risk to friends and family and safe to be around.

         Bless all of you. No matter what I’ve had a great life and a secure reservation in Eternity, but God says not to cash in my Railway to Heaven” pass yet; He still has plans for me.

         So many cards and letters I can’t to ’em fast enough. It has been like Jimmy Stewart in “A Wonderful Life” but I didn’t have to jump off a bridge to get to see it. 

          However this plays out, I want to be a witness. I ain’t perfect but I did my best and asked forgiveness for the rest, and I think that’s all we are asked.

        The docs have cleared me for one set of a gig to fill in on mandolin with The Leonard McSwain band at Bethel Baptist in Shelby, N.C. for a church supper and Mission fundraiser; just my kinda gig. It starts at 6:00 Saturday. For details call them 704 482 8922. If you live to far away and can’t make it, or want another cause consider a donation to MACC. (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) All that money goes to St Jude. Go see it if you can. The docs won’t let me go that far this year.

       This illness has slowed my steps, but not my spirit. I am determined it will not rob me of my of my dignity or my opportunity to serve my people in some way even if somewhere down the road it does me in.

         If it lets the world know of the Grace of Jesus, the love of devoted family, the healing power of music and, of the wonderful talents of all my bluegrass friends, then the beast was defeated even if it takes my physical body in the end.

        I saw the light a long time ago, and it has been a wonderful life for it, and I believe I still have some miles to go, though I may walk them a little slower from here on.

        God bless every one of you. Luv u all. If you see a little light bobbing along in some old Southern doctor’s hypertrophied brain, know  I just want to try and be a beacon and I’m not dangerous to hug.

 Dr. B

Hello world!

October 7, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!