North Carolina Our State Magazine

North Carolina Our State Magazine has been quite attentive of bluegrass and its constituants over the last few years.  They have included reviews of my book The Mandolin Case, Dr. Temple’s 30 year career as a physician and semi-professional bluegrass musician, some nice coverage of Tommy Edwards of Bluegrass Experience fame, and have kept up with other bluegrass ongoing activities in the state.  Please check their archives for these articles.  I’ve been around the music a long time and find them historically accurate and quite informative.  Thank you to North Carolina Our State Magazine for your insistence on excellent coverage of the Arts in North Carolina, including bluegrass music.

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5 Comments on “North Carolina Our State Magazine”

  1. jel Says:

    howdy Doc,
    how are ya doin?

  2. jel Says:

    that ‘s very cool! ;0)

    hope ya have a great father’s day!

  3. Doug Ross Says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to see a post by the King of the 8 String. Rockin Tom…you sir are da man!! Your fans rejoice.

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