Carolina Lightnin’

        I thought my readers would enjoy this clip. I first met Tommy Edwards way back when he was with “The Bluegrass Experience,” the 1972 Union Grove World Champion band. Here he is joined by some fine musicians and friends old and new. Dr. Peter Temple and Tommy were my first big bluegrass influences. If you are ever in the N.C. Research Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill etc) look for them at places the Q Shack, The Blue Note Grill, and the Pittsboro General Store. Check ’em out. Fine picking and singing; the real deal for traditional music.

Dr. B

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6 Comments on “Carolina Lightnin’”

  1. jel Says:

    morning doc,
    wish I could, but it takes to long to download 😦

    did any of them storms last nite hit around ya?

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Hm. Will check as to why.

    The storms missed us. They were very bad. Prayers to all who were hit.

    Dr. B

  3. jel Says:

    it reason why is , that i have a very slow dialup, 😦

    maybe one of these days , i will get to wtach youtube ! 🙂

    • drtombibey Says:


      No fear. Besides, the best way to see bluegrass is live. When you take in a show tell ’em Dr. B sent you. Way out there they might say, “Who?”

      Dr. B

  4. Martin Waddell Says:

    Just watched/listened to “Shuckin’ the corn”. The banjo and guitar players are so good, it’s scary! How they can play at such a speed, while standing there and looking so cool and relaxed, beats me.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had bad storms – had a few here in Scotland in December. Lots of property damage and a few people killed. As you say, prayers needed for all those who suffered.

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