Dealing With Cancer

        With a bad illness like this, you are forced to redefine yourself. I did my best to be the best doctor I could be. I think I am going to live, but I am concerned that residual impairments may preclude my ability to be that again. I am thankful my cognition is unaffected and my ability to play music is intact. I wasn’t a pro mandolinist before this hit me)

        In the end maybe I’ll play my mandolin at the rest homes and volunteer. No matter what I won’t give up on my people.

        All these thoughts led to a saying:

        “Maybe I won’t be what I used to be but I’ll be the best me I can be, whatever that is.”

        Y’all have a blessed holiday.

Dr. B

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10 Comments on “Dealing With Cancer”

  1. Howard Pack Says:

    Your comments and statements make me to know you are a strong and kind person.The world needs more like you now. It seems that a lot of folks now day, has the attitude of what can you do for me, and not,, what can I do for you.Your attitude FOR SURE is in the right direction.Hang in there ! You are an inspiration. THANKS.

  2. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    You were/are a VERY good doctor, however, that is not all you are. This type of illness does cause much self examination concerning what makes us what we are, and also of the really important things of life. I know being a doctor is a big part of who you are and have been, but being a husband, father, and grandfather is the part of you that nobody else can do. Thank God you are able to continue to enjoy being this, along with your writing, and music! Life is still good, and is going to continue to be so. While enjoying life, you will continue to have a positive impact on people – perhaps in a way you find even more rewarding! You have a blessed holiday too, Dr. B!

  3. inkspeare Says:

    Now you are graduating from Doctor of the body to becoming a Doctor of the soul with your writing and your music, you have transcended the limitations of the body. Blessings to you and your family on this holiday season.

    • inkspeare,

      “Doctor of the Soul.” Now I like that. Martin Luther said “music was a fair and glorious gift” that afforded peace and joy of the heart almost as much as theology. I figure he knew something about it, so I’m sure I’ll keep on playing.

      Thanks for the nice comment. You are right; music has to do with soul and spirit and can help us cope with our physical limitations.

      Dr. B

  4. ficfaq Says:

    Your strength is inspiring and your courage in the face of such odds is a testimony of your character and willpower. You are here for the long haul, of that I’ve no doubt

  5. Howard,

    A fine holiday to you and yours too!

    Dr. B

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