The Bluegrass Brain Cancer Boogie- Now on Amazon

        When I was first diagnosed with brain cancer my Lit agent encouraged me to keep a diary. My nature is to write things down so it was a natural. He liked it so much he asked to publish it on Kindle and it went on sale today. It is only 2.99. This is not a big money item and I plan to use part of the proceeds to cover some of my cancer treatment not covered by insurance (don’t worry; I have good coverage) and give some to some kind of cancer charity. My number one goal was the hope the diary would make some patient’s burdens easier to bear.

        My publisher used the word “cure” on the cover and I said “wait a minute guys, I’m not there yet.” They replied, “Oh, we thought the music cured you.” What could I say to that but “Press on!”

        I have chemo today, but will post some links later. All you have to do for now is click on, enter the Kindle store category and search “Bluegrass Brain Tumor Boogie” by Tom Bibey and it’ll pop up.

        Y’all have wonderful Thanksgiving. Music is a big part of my healing, but all my friends, be they electronic or Harvey County flesh and blood, have been a big factor in my happiness and progress too. I hope you all have a blessed holiday.

Dr. B

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16 Comments on “The Bluegrass Brain Cancer Boogie- Now on Amazon”

  1. Shay Says:

    I am happy to download and read because I love your writing and love you and your sweet family, Dr. B! Continuing to pray for your recovery and hope to see you soon dancing in those red high-top Converse tennis shoes and playing that mandolin!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and God Bless!!

  2. Shay,

    Bless your heart, you are a sweet kid. One of the things on my bucket list is to jam a song with you someday. My wife is a good bass player and the Lehmanns would make a good rhythm section. (Irene is a good part singer too) I’m OK on the mandolin but I’ve found the secret is to pick with singers who make me sound better than what I am. All the best to ya this holiday season.

    Dr. B

  3. kcleighton Says:

    Love the title! I agree that there is a healing power to music! I spent last Saturday helping the folks at the NE Chapter of St. Judes with the Thanks and Giving Walk which kicks off their annual campaign. I know this is a cause near and dear to your heart, as well as the bluegrass community. Allison, our regional rep. for St. Jude did an amazing job with the event and as a result we raised $7,500 more than our goal! It was so heartwarming to have people who weren’t even part of the walk coming up to us and just giving a few dollars because they wanted to help. A great day! My prayers are with you during your recovery. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Cindy Lou Says:

    Hope you and yours have a blessed ThanksGiving. I know time you spend together now is sweeter than it has ever been. Still praying for you and your family. Enjoy that grandson…tell him some secrets, he will be able to keep them between the two of you.

  5. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    I will download it to my kindle today. (Reading has been a major part of my therapy to work through the grief process.) Looking forward to reading it! I’m glad they used the word “cure.” You WILL get there! In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and your family while you heal! Continuing to send prayers your way!

    • Carolyn,

      You hit on the correct word. I define “cure” as “the beast is beat back to a nub and inert, not likely to kill me me and doesn’t leave too big a deficit behind.” If you define cure as totally gone, it is likely hard to come by, but I’ll hold out for that.

      Dr. B

  6. June Lail Says:

    I just ordered a new Kindle Fire and can’t wait to download your journal. I hope you, Marta, and the kids have a great Thanksgiving. June Lail

  7. Felix Miller Says:

    This is a great idea, Dr. B. I downloaded it onto my PC (I have no Kindle…yet) and have been reading it whilst iTunes cranks out a bluegrass compilation. Wonderful, moving writing that made me glad and sad (only a little) and proud to know you all at once.

    Your spirit and that of your family, friends and readers shines through. When Barbara comes home I will set her down to read it as well.

    Prayers and well wishes for you and your family from Chattanooga.

  8. jel Says:

    hey Doc,
    hope ya had a very good Thanksgiving,

    is kindle the only way to read it?

    take care

  9. Howard Pack Says:

    You are an inspiration for all people. The world needs more people with your attitude and strength to carry on in life to make it their best. God bless you and keep your music going.,Howard.

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