Minnie the Myna Bird


        If you read “The Mandolin Case” you know of Minnie the Myna bird at Lou Bedford’s Billiard and Bowl. Since those days she has learned a  new trick.

        In the past she served as a doorbell of sorts and would let out a loud call if anyone had arrived at the B ‘n B front door. Over the decade or so after “The Mandolin Case” Lou taught her some different whistles.

       When Bones came to visit she mimicked a loud perfect imitation of an ambulance siren. For Snookers Molesby it was always a wolf whistle. And when Riley Harper showed up one day the bird instinctively chose the generic “bad guy” call Lou taught her; Darth Vader’s “Imperial March.”

        I know it seems like trivia, but when “Acquisition Syndrome” is released this spring you will have a leg up on the new reader.

        I’ll be on the blog this week, but the kids will be in for the holiday, so it’ll be somewhat limited. Talk to you soon.

Dr. B

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9 Comments on “Minnie the Myna Bird”

  1. jel Says:

    Doc, hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving together! 🙂

  2. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family—especially that precious grandson!

  3. inkspeare Says:

    I love myna birds; I think they are sweet. Hope you have a lovely holiday with your family. Blessings.

  4. Carolyn,

    Our hearts and prayers go out to you. An unimaginable loss.

    Dr. B

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