Fish Don’t Need Snorkels

        Karen Collum, a writer pal of mine from Australia, just sent me a copy of her new children’s book, “Fish Don’t Need Snorkels.” Even a man knows this is a cute book. It explores the uniqueness of all of God’s creations, both in animals and human beings. I plan to read it to my new grandson the next time we are together. Here’s where you can order it in the U.S.

        One of the best things about writing is you make new creative friends of like minds from all over the world. Y’all check out Ms Karen Collum. She’s on my blogroll. I plan to send her my children’s mandolin book when it is finished. The character “Australia Sam” was created in honor of her son Samuel. I hope to release it after the first of the year.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Fish Don’t Need Snorkels”

  1. Ammon Says:

    That looks like a really cute story. It looks like the books is also available via Amazon.

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