Art of Sound Music Festival

        I had planned to tell you about the progress on “Acquisition Syndrome” today, but played music this weekend. Art of Sound was much fun, and Darin and Brooke were stronger than ever. My goodness, I don’t see how they could get any better. Between the festival and a few naps, I didn’t get to write much. I’ll return to the fiction blog next Monday, but I sure did have a fine weekend.

       I was the mandolin sideman for singer-songwriter Al Dunkleman. His set list is very eclectic and a sideman’s dream because you have to invent mandolin solos for most of the songs as they were not recorded with a mando track. He plays everything from Bruce Springsteen to old-time so you have to be creative and dream up the back-up. Much fun.

        My daughter took a couple of pics. I’m the cotton-topped guy with the little guitar. (A medical definition for the mandolin is a guitar with a thyroid condition.)

        A word for my sponsors. The pic of the case got blurred, but I now carry my mandolin in the official “Case of The Mandolin Case” case by Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe. One gentleman there told me he purchased a guitar case from them and really liked it. Also Dr. Dean Jenks of Flint Hill uses a Lakota banjo strap and one aspiring banjoist bought one based on his recommendation. The young man will never need another strap. They are made to last.

        I’ll be back soon with an update on “Acquisition Syndrome.”

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Art of Sound Music Festival”

  1. JLS Tickets Says:

    I seem to be coming across a new festival every other week. Pretty soon, there’ll be a festival going on every week.

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Lots of good music around, no doubt. Dr. B

  3. jel Says:

    sounds like ya r having a good time , that is super 🙂

    ( a mandolin is a guitar with a a thyroid condition) is a knee slaper, Doc! 😉

    almost as good as this one
    ( ya know what a crawfish is, a lobster after taxes) 😉

  4. Smitty Pres. of Neuse River Fan Club Says:

    No doubt that Mr. Al would keep a mando guy on his toes with the diversity of music he plays. Is all well?

    • drtombibey Says:


      I am making alittle progress. The docs say it is going in the right direction and I feel like they are right.

      Al is fun to play music with. The diversity keeps you on your toes. Thought about you some this week. I hope all is well your way.

      Dr. B

  5. Smitty Says:

    I feel great, will know more tomorrow……….you know it’s just a day away…….sounds like a song phrase…….. We have several gigs on the horizon. Ok, here is some interesting thoughts. A guy owns a tatoo parlor a few doors down from where we practice. He asked me if it is ok to come and listen to us pick. Sure, no problem. I wonder how Cindy and I would look with matching mandos on our arms. How romantic!

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