We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Program For This Important Annoucement

        We used to sing an old Reno and Smiley number around the house a lot. One line was “An Angel sent from Heaven you’re everything that’s good. You’re perfect just the way you are I wouldn’t change you if I could.” Well, except for diapers it’s true all over again.  

        We just had the addition of our first grandchild to our family. He has a full head of hair, a fine smile, excellent temperament, nurses well, recognizes family already, and I believe he likes mandolin music. I played “Over the Rainbow” in a chord melody for him, and he went right to sleep. (A full stomach didn’t hurt anything, I’m sure.)

        I once read that some men are driven to be creative because deep down inside they know they can never create anything as wonderous as a baby. I agree with that. How could anything be more beautiful?

        We have hundreds of pics, but I won’t hit you with all of them. These two are of me with the baby and my daughter right after the lullaby.    

        I’ll tell you more about my artistic projects soon. I will do my best, but don’t expect them to be that dramatic. Nothing could ever trump a grandchild.

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30 Comments on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Program For This Important Annoucement”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful baby and mother and Grandaddy. Congratulations to all.

  2. GrannyPam Says:

    Bill just said, “That’ll do more to help him recover than anything any Doc can do.” Nothing against the doctors here, we just know how precious a new life is in a family. Bill held our 3rd grandson after 9 months of chemo and radiation, and started uphill right away.

    You’ll do even better, since you already appear to be on the way up.

    Congratulations Pap!

    • drtombibey Says:

      Granny Pam,

      Thanks so much.
      I’m a Doc but I 100% agree there is more to healing than medicine alone. Tell Bill one of my favorite old sayings: “The best doctor knows they ought to be out earning an honest living, but enjoys practicing medicine too much to quit.”

      Dr. B

  3. Simpkins Says:

    Congratulations Dr.B., & all the Bibey family !!!

  4. jel Says:


    Congrats Grandpaw! and too the rest of the family.

    he’s a keeper 🙂


  5. inkspeare Says:

    Congratulations in such a happy event!

  6. Angie Simpson Says:

    Wonderful !!!! Congrats and Praise the Lord!

  7. drtombibey Says:

    inkspeare and Angie,

    Ain’t it great! We are so thankful for the child’s perfect condition and look forward to being part of his raising.

    Dr. B

  8. June Lail Says:

    I am so happy for you!!

  9. Baby Bibey Says:

    Baby is definitely a keeper! I think the whole family is head over heels. That’s saying a lot for a bunch of ol’ North Carolina tarheels. Love ya Dad!
    ~Baby Bibey (except now- 27 years later- I’m not really the baby of the family anymore.)

  10. doug ross Says:

    that’s fantastic Rockin’ Tom! Please give my regards to Tom and his wife.

  11. Felix Miller Says:

    What a beautiful baby, and grandfather, and a whole family consumed with joy, As my Beloved Babs says, “I thought I knew what love was, then the grandchildren came and things got even better.”
    Congratulations and thanksgivings for your new joy.

  12. Jewell Burke Says:

    Awww Doc, you’ve outdone yourself this time! That little bundle will pretty much rule you and The Wife for the next several years! And you’ll both be happy to let him! I am soooo happy for you all!

  13. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you & your family! There are no words to describe how very special the grandchildren are!

  14. drtombibey Says:


    There are no written instructions but they are so easy to love even a man doesn’t need much direction.

    Dr. B

  15. drtombibey Says:

    Doug, Cool. Will see ya out there. Dr. B

  16. Karen Collum Says:

    Wonderful news, Dr B! Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grandson. Your daughter is gorgeous and your grandbaby is an absolute cutie. I know you’ll enjoy making memories together for a long time to come.

    Blessings from Australia!

    • drtombibey Says:

      Bless your heart Karen. So good to hear from you. I was ill this summer and slow to keep up with all my writer pals. I am improving some now though. The grandchild is a true blessing and he helps me to heal.

      Looks like “Australia Sam” made the final cut and stayed in the children’s coloring book. It is due out after the first of the year, and I’ll send you one.

      Dr. B

  17. Martin Waddell Says:

    Belated congratulations from Scotland – my prayers and good wishes ever with you and your family.


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