Almost ‘Bout Perfect Life

        Except for the fact I have a brain tumor to beat I would say my life is about perfect. I still get to see my patients, at least on a limited advisory role basis, I write, and as one of the few mandolin guys in town who isn’t on the road I get called to do enough gigs to keep me happy. 

        Take today for example. I practiced with my wife’s band, “Guitar-ed and Feathered.” They have a Sunday School supper coming up and a fund-raiser for a patient (some of my specialities) and I’m gonna play on what Wayne Benson once called “the husband rate.” I think every band needs at least one female, and they have  a whole group. They sing and play well, they make great snacks, don’t chew tobacco, and remember everyone’s birthday. Tis much different from when you play with the boys. 

        I have great life; ’bout near perfect. My wife lets me play all the music I want with pretty ladies as long as I am loyal and faithful to one woman, an easy bargain to keep. (Forever is forever to us, and will be in Eternity too)

        Y’all take it from old Doc and cherish every day the Lord gives ya.  Play hard!

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Almost ‘Bout Perfect Life”

  1. inkspeare Says:

    Your words have touch my heart deeply, blessings.

  2. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    So very true! Even the ordinary, day to day things are so very special, and something to treasure….

  3. jel Says:

    morning Doc,

    was watching a old mayberry show, and heard this saying.
    ” if ya got time to breath, ya got time for music!” 🙂

    no baby let?
    hope all is well !

  4. oleester Says:

    I pray you get well soon sir. How petty the aggravations I receive work when I read your post. The Lord’s reaching out to me through you and I thank you.

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