Doc Watson

        Not long ago a friend arranged for me to spend a day with Doc Watson. Doc is the same humble gentleman he seems to be on stage. We opened for him years ago and he has not changed.

        He talked all about his early days of working a cross-cut saw and walking miles down a country road to play music in Boone.  He also learned how to do electrical work from his Dad. (He feels the wires) One time Earl Scruggs was home visiting his brother Horace. They had  a wiring problem and Doc said he’d fix it after everyone went to bed; that he didn’t need any light. I relayed that story to Doc and he smiled at the memory.

          Doc is world-famous and yet he wants to be remembered as a “regular person.” He was a humble,  spiritual and soulful man. He leads a comfortable but modest life-style. We went out to lunch for some good country cooking. All told it was a most excellent visit. I couldn’t begin to tell you how to get there. All I know is it was way up in the mountains. I was a bit under the weather that day and slept part of the way so I was lost. I send thanks to Harrill Blanton for the invitation; it was a trip to remember.

        By the way, my show with Al Dunkleman this Tuesday the 20th to open for Doyle Dykes at Shelby Music Center will start at 6:30 and Doyle goes on at 7:00 PM.

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4 Comments on “Doc Watson”

  1. Bingo Bob Rupe Says:

    I love Doc Watson! I really like Doc Bibey!

    • drtombibey Says:


      You’re a good’un, Bingo. I am about 1/4 the way through the edit of “Acquisition Syndrome.” Simmons Rupert is a hero and was the cat who had the first inside information on Riley Harper to clue Bones in on the man’s character. “Bluegrass Motors” will be immortalized in the story.

      Dr. B

  2. jel Says:

    Doc, Hope ya have a good time tonite! 🙂

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