Outside in The Empathy Factor

        In the early days after my diagnosis as I cruised around on the Internet and ran across an article about some fellow with a brain tumor.

       I began to read. Hm. Seemed like a nice enough fellow; had a wife and a couple of kids. Dang I hate that. I felt sorry for him.

        I read on. Hey, it was a Doc. For Heaven’s sake.

        All of a sudden I realized I was reading about me!

        I wanted to say, “Hey y’all, don’t worry too much. The cat ain’t suffering. He’s gonna be OK; it’s just gonna take a little time.

        Man I felt kinda silly when I did that.

        Oh well.

Dr. B

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7 Comments on “Outside in The Empathy Factor”

  1. It’s great to meet yourself and realize you’re such a nice person. Blessings, Dr. Tom.

  2. Martin Waddell Says:

    Bit of a coincidence, but I recently heard about a woman I know in Glasgow – let’s call her S – who’s just discovered she’s got ovarian cancer. As this type of cancer is very difficult to detect in its early stages, it was well advanced by the time she was diagnosed, and the prospects for her don’t look at all good. She doesn’t have any close family to give her the comfort and support she needs, and she’s absolutely terrified at what’s happening to her. I know that there’s a lot of prayer for you just now, Tom – can I ask for prayers for my friend S as well? She truly needs all the love and support she can get.

  3. Funny, Dr. B! Sounds like something I would do. I had the excuse of being an absent-minded professor. What’s your excuse!? haha
    Still praying for you, friend.

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