Acquisition Syndrome: The Great Charles Thombley

        Charles Yhombley is a negotiator and the best one there is. He is from Atlanta. His people go back to before the Civil War there. They made their fortune in real estate futures right after Sherman came  through, and never looked back. Mr Thombley’s hobby is the financial revitalization and re-organization of small churches in need.

         Most of Mr. Thombley’s work is highly confidential. By his request and by necesssity to continue his mission, it was imperative the truth of his work be shown in fiction and not told in fact. This will be done in “Acquisition Syndrome.”

        I am making progress, and my condition at the moment renders me on summer vacation until August. Don’t worry; I limit my work to two hours per day and devote the rest of the day to healing; however, writing is also part of my therapy.

        Mr. Thombley ony had one ultimatum in our physician bluegrass fiction writer contract. He would only allow me to fictionalize his part of the story if I, Tommy Bibey, promised he would have a full head of hair in the novel. So in “Acquisition Syndrome” if you see a man who has code name of Del and has a hair like Del McCoury, you will know it is Mr. Thombley.

        One of my goals with my effort to write was to bring new people to our music. The Great Mr. Thombley is a sophisticated, highly intelligent, savvy Altlanta businessman. I have all respect for him. After he got to know me he became a fan and he is now true bluegrass. I guess I’m doing something right, huh?

Dr. B

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6 Comments on “Acquisition Syndrome: The Great Charles Thombley”

  1. Smitty Says:

    Doc, enjoyed the read, I love those people who are your security guards. When you get west of the Mississippi, …

  2. Danny Fulks Says:

    Ask Kristin about by bout with illness, don’t want to share with the world yet. df

  3. jel Says:

    just came by to say Howdy, ( just like cuz~in Minne Pearl use to say)

    howDeeeeeeeee ! 🙂

    • drtombibey Says:

      Thanks Jel,

      I always knew you were country girl at heart. Could tell by the pics.

      Look for a post in the next few weeks on “The Tommy Bibey California Tour.” If I am alive next summer (and I plan to be) me and the wife are gonna make the trek. It will include Missouri, I assure you.

      Because of the tumor I am in a weakened condition so we plan to have full time security. I am not strong enough to protect myself ot my wife either one. i just talked to them yesterday. Funny how saving a few lives along the way makes folks want to help you.

      Dr. B

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