I Saw the Light

        I saw the light a long time ago, but today I start Radiation therapy, so I reckon my headlight ‘ll burn a little brighter for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not a radiation to risk to friends and family and safe to be around.

         Bless all of you. No matter what I’ve had a great life and a secure reservation in Eternity, but God says not to cash in my Railway to Heaven” pass yet; He still has plans for me.

         So many cards and letters I can’t to ’em fast enough. It has been like Jimmy Stewart in “A Wonderful Life” but I didn’t have to jump off a bridge to get to see it. 

          However this plays out, I want to be a witness. I ain’t perfect but I did my best and asked forgiveness for the rest, and I think that’s all we are asked.

        The docs have cleared me for one set of a gig to fill in on mandolin with The Leonard McSwain band at Bethel Baptist in Shelby, N.C. for a church supper and Mission fundraiser; just my kinda gig. It starts at 6:00 Saturday. For details call them 704 482 8922. If you live to far away and can’t make it, or want another cause consider a donation to MACC. (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) www.bluegrassclassic.com All that money goes to St Jude. Go see it if you can. The docs won’t let me go that far this year.

       This illness has slowed my steps, but not my spirit. I am determined it will not rob me of my of my dignity or my opportunity to serve my people in some way even if somewhere down the road it does me in.

         If it lets the world know of the Grace of Jesus, the love of devoted family, the healing power of music and, of the wonderful talents of all my bluegrass friends, then the beast was defeated even if it takes my physical body in the end.

        I saw the light a long time ago, and it has been a wonderful life for it, and I believe I still have some miles to go, though I may walk them a little slower from here on.

        God bless every one of you. Luv u all. If you see a little light bobbing along in some old Southern doctor’s hypertrophied brain, know  I just want to try and be a beacon and I’m not dangerous to hug.

 Dr. B

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17 Comments on “I Saw the Light”

  1. Ponder Says:

    Doc: your belief, attitude and spirit sure are comforting. I admire your courage my friend!

  2. Jeremy Fern Says:

    Dr. B,

    I heard the news and its safe to say that I was a bit worried that it might slow you down, but I knew it would never slow your mandolin playing down or your spirits! You’ve got mine and Ginger’s prayers every day and we’ll be lifting up your family as well. You’ve been one of the most special persons to my family, especially during the loss of our home, not to mention the general health care of most of my family and friends. But you are the best friend a musician could ask for. When my music was hampered by the loss of my git fiddle, you stepped in and made it possible to have a brand new Taylor 614ce. My first Taylor to be exact! And I can’t tell you how many times and places I’ve been able to minister with it. Thank you. Keep your spirits ever up, I pray your therapy goes well, and I hope to be seeing you around real soon. Keep pickin’!


  3. Tom Bb Says:

    thinking of you often. Looking forward to more swinging, sawing, picking, talking a.s.a.p. Lots of great folks in your corner.

  4. Angie Simpson Says:

    Amen and Amen! Keep on the firing line Doc. You’re being a good witness for Jesus. He’s got this! Prayers still going up for you.

  5. drtombibey Says:

    Guys ,

    First days of Rx off to good start. The old Devil tried to put a hurting on me but he ain’t even gonna come close to kicking Jesus outta my soul.

    Dr. B

  6. Kim Garrison Says:

    Dr. B,
    Just heard about the challenge you are experiencing. Wanted to let you know I and my family are praying for your healing. I know the good Lord can and will. I have always afmired your positive outlook on life and enjoy talking with you on my visits. Hope to see you back doing your doc gig soon!

    A favorite rep in Harvey County,
    Kim Garrison

  7. Julie Fisher Says:

    Hey there Doc…………..lifting you and your family up in prayer. You sure are a joy and a blessing to me…………..keep telling that ole Devil that you’re not going to let him drag you down. Keep strong my friend.

  8. Troy Jones Says:

    Hi Doc B,
    Well… you are such a wonderful old codger. You are always teaching us stuff.
    There are a lot of people that love you and connect with you. You have a gift. We have all seen that gift and we are all praying for you and pulling for you and your family. All of you are going through this.
    You are a friend and life-long teacher. You are always teaching us good stuff too.
    Oh yeah… the Doctoring thing you are good at also.
    But I think just you being a good Christian man and for as many years as you have set a positive example for us that came in contact with you… well… that speaks volumes more about you.
    Yes.. being a Doctor put in close contact with many of us but I think you would have been a similar effect on people even if you had been a poor roadside painter.
    Of course you would not have had your hands where they have been on some of us but still I think you could have gotten close to people.( I still think you owe me some flowers).
    Well… Dr. B, I am hoping to bring you some top-notched fresh corn to help you get healthy in a month or so. This is my first time growing a garden. I made a one acre garden. I think I may have over planted. Meaning… you have to have an appetite come July & August. You have to help me eat all this fresh stuff.
    Your Teaching Buddy,
    Troy Jones

  9. newt221 Says:

    Keep “seeing” the light but don’t walk into it just yet Dr. B. You got some more time here on this earth. I just know it. You set an example for all of us with your attitude and determination. And, with God’s guidance…you can beat this thing.

  10. Lynn O'Carroll Says:

    Dr. Bibey, Satan has not robbed you of your head or your heart. Love to you and yours. Lynn

  11. John Martin Says:

    Dr. B, Thanks for the recent conversation. You are quite heavy on my mind. John Martin

  12. drtombibey Says:

    Ya’ll concern but no fear We’re all gonna be safe in God’s hands for the long haul. Luv you all like brothers and sisters. I’m gonna get a little better somehow and then we’ll all see our hard times thru together. B

  13. Hang in there Dr. B…might try to make that gig with Leonard…good folks…and you would be a good add-on..so to speak. Did a couple tunes for you on the radio show coming up Wed night..if you can, tune in…we’ll be praying and singing for you!…”Doc Elwood”

  14. Leah Ann Says:

    Dr. B,
    You are a true inspiration. I believe, just as you do, God does have a plan for you just as he does for everyone. You have just hit a rough spot in the road and then you will continue to carry out his plan. My prayers are with you and your family because I truly believe “Better Times A Coming.”

    Leah Ann

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