The The Soft Hearted Tough Love Modified Military Music Therapy Intellectual Brain Tumor Cure Plan

        Ok guys, I have treatable brain tumor. It was diagnosed in the first seven days of symptoms. We have a plan.

        I have great docs and nurses and access to the most modern treatment on Earth. There are documented cures of my disease, and not just sporadic ones. But that is only the start.

       I have faith. I My only prayer from the start was God would clear a path for me to serve my people even if my capacity was changed in some way. He has told me says He is not through with me yet. I believe Him.

         I have the best wife in the world. Somehow Charlie Brown got lucky and married the little red-haired girl and never looked back. She curls up next to me and drops my blood pressure twenty points. Who needs medicine with a woman like that?

        My boy has me outfitted with his basic training Camel Back so his mama doesn’t have to follow me all over the house to get my water in me. He’s the tough love part, you can bounce a nickel off his chest or bed either one. “You drinking your water, sir?”

        “Yes sir! I salute my hero. You can count on me sir!

         He hands me a piece of paper. If you hair starts to fall out, here’s man for a class high and tight. I recommend him.”

        “Yes sir, sir.”

        I sent my boy home with my Country Telecaster and an amp. I can’t play it right now; too heavy and a little loud for a few weeks. He played “Sweet Home Alabama” and that baby kicked up a storm in the womb. We’re bluegrass, but we love classic county too. Another musician on the way!

        My daughter is a double major in the Intellectual component of the Brain Cancer War, Masters in both Social Work and Public Health. She grew up with my love of books. She handles all my paperwork. My close vision is off a little right now, so she reads it all and I sign.

        Then there is my extended bluegrass family. God Bless Darin and Brooke Aldridge and Wayne and Kristin Scott Benson. They all came to visit Sunday and we laid down a rough track of “Amazing Grace” on the back porch. It has a few rough spots ’cause I was the goofy band director, so any errors you hear are me. I plan to use it as is as the opening track to the mando duet CD Darin and I had planned this fall. Let the healing begin!

        And I check in with my personal Music Therapist, sweet little Megan Peeler of Nashville every few days and she cheers me on. She’s my little country music daughter.

        We have named the tumor “Long Gone” after the LRB song. Sammy, whenever you play it know you are part of healing old Doc. And folks, if you ever played a note of this music you helped me make it in my world, be it Sam getting me to howl at the moon when a favorite patient died instead of curling up in the grave with my pal, or Bill Monroe’s “Kentucky Waltz” letting an awkward two left-footed boy slow dance with the prettiest girl in Harvey County. (My wife)

        And thanks to all my blog pals, esp Uncle Ted and Aunt Irene, The bluegrass Blog and Cindy Lou for spreading the word and keeping the faith. Concern is fine and I sure need the prayers, but don’t feel sorry for me. Let’s save that for those who do not have my resources and are somewhat defenseless, like those strong little MACC children who are already my little heroes. If they can be brave surely an old knot like me who has already had a full life no matter what happens can do the same. Lets say a pray for them today. Pray for my Mom and Dad too. They are elderly and also on the warpath for my rescue with food and supplies. They don’t need this. Pray it doesn’t hurt them too much.

        Love you all. Together, you made my life. I God tells me Eternity is still a ways off for me but I will never forget you for all time.

        Sorry for typos, will clean up when the light is better.

Dr. B

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10 Comments on “The The Soft Hearted Tough Love Modified Military Music Therapy Intellectual Brain Tumor Cure Plan”

  1. GrannyPam Says:

    The best team ever, for the best tumor-fighting Doc ever. Roll on, Buddy!

  2. Karen Collum Says:

    Oh, Dr B! I know you don’t want me to feel sorry for you, but I am sorry you have to go through this – but I’m glad you’ve got an amazing family and a Great God to see you through the journey ahead. You know I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.
    Sending love across the ocean… xx

  3. Dr. B, my heart nearly stopped in my chest when I read that deceleration of yours. I’m not feeling sorry for you, because you’re as tough a doctor as I’ve ever heard of, and you’ve got faith, Marfar and music on your side and what better weapons are there for fighting a tumor? So no, I’m not going to waste my time feeling sorry for you, but I am scared for you – and I hope you’ll let me be that, because I feel like I’m allowed to worry about one of my earliest blog buddies.

    I will pray for you in the only way I know how, and that’s to keep you in my thoughts and send you my love. If there’s anything a twenty-year old young’un can do for you, lemme know, okay? I’m still holding you to that promise to come and take me out to dinner some day, and don’t you forget it :).

  4. Carolyn Brooks Says:

    No, I don’t feel sorry for you, but I do care & will continue to pray for your healing, as well as strength and comfort for you as well as your family. Bill & I discovered sometimes medical knowledge is not always a blessing when you are the patient – but faith and belief in God is! Continue to follow all the wonderful advice you are getting from your family & your doctors – then focus on the happiness that lies ahead for you!

  5. jel Says:

    Thanks Doc.
    keep it up! 🙂

    your hold family are in our prayers , and to your caregivers!


  6. valbrussell Says:

    Dr. B, it’s been a long time since I’ve been over here and when I read this, the first thing I thought was this: Oh, Dr. B is a tough nut like me and he is gonna put up his dukes, knuckles out and knock the tumor out in the first round. Why? Because Dr. B has some seriously important good stuff to do before he is finished with this planet and also, he has an enormous amount of love and prayers flowing day and night just for him from people all over this world who have come to know and love him. You are a very special human being Dr.B, now go kick that tumor’s butt! 😉 I know you will. HUGSHUGSHUGS

  7. John Martin Says:

    Dr. B, Thanks for the recent conversation. You are quite heavy on my mind. John Martin

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