Quote for the Day

        I can’t remember where I heard this one, but I like it. It was in reference to music, but it applies to writing, medicine, golf, and most likely many other disciplines.

       “The amateur practices until they can play it right; the professional practices until they can’t play it wrong.”

        I know this: every great musician I know has practiced a whole lot more than I have.

        I won’t give myself credit for too much, but I will for this fact: I am a persistent rascal. There were always smarter and more talented people around, but I worked as hard to be good doctor when I was a young man as anyone I know. At the suggestion of my sweet wife I slowed down a little as I got older so I wouldn’t die young.

        I’ve often said when I get to the Pearly Gates St. Peter will ask, “Son, did you do your best with the talents He gave you?”  

       I’ll reply, “Oh yes Sir, I sure did. Yes, Sir,” and then start to rush on in.

       St. Peter will say, “Just a minute, son. I have few more questions.”

        And I’ll say, “Yes sir, I’m sorry for any and all mistakes I made and I have faith I am forgiven.”

        Then he’ll say, “You may come on in now.”

Dr. B

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