MerleFest,TKL Cases, and Dr. B

        I’m off Friday and will be at MerleFest for the weekend. It’s a family tradition; we’ve been to all but one.

        I’ll be there to take in the show, but also will be at the TKL Cedar Creek Custom Case booth for part of our stay. Drop by to speak to ’em and tell ’em Dr. B sent ya. In addition to their fine cases, they will have copies of my novel, “The Mandolin Case,” available. Both took many years to develop, and I believe both are cases of integrity. (I have seen their banjo and guitar versions, the new mandolin case may not be ready yet, but I have seen the drawings.)

        I’ll come around and sign the book if anyone wants me to. My scrawl is well-known around North Carolina, but just don’t try to trade it for a prescription. I’m not sure I’ll get a break and have time to sing “In the Jail House Now” for you. Besides, if I was to sing it that old jailer might not be impressed enough to spring you.

        The exact times I’ll be there are TBA. For all my obsessive-compulsive and weary-worry tendencies as a country doc, I’m pretty relaxed (though still reliable) as an artist. I believe in the great golfer Walter’s Hagen’s quote, “Never hurry, never worry, and always remember to stop and smell the roses.” But, if it hadn’t been for my wife, my kids, and all my music friends I’m not sure I would have lived long enough to be so laid back about it all, cause I was a driven young Doc. But, I’ve made it this far and we’re MerleFest bound again Friday. Hope you’ll come visit.

        See ya there.

Dr. B

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One Comment on “MerleFest,TKL Cases, and Dr. B”

  1. drtombibey Says:


    Somehow the comments were off for a while on this post; I have no idea why.

    MerleFest was a huge success. Special thanks to Tom of TKL Cedar Creek Custom Cases; they are now a sponsor of “The Mandolin Case” book tour. I will be toting one of their cases to my gigs very soon. Their e-mail is

    I met folks from Canada, France, Scotland, New York and from all over. They were musicians, writers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, editors; all kinds of artistic folks. I’ve always said I was the only physician bluegrass fiction writer around, and so far no one had heard of another one. Thanks to all who dropped by; I enjoyed meeting every one of you.

    Dr. B

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