An Upcoming Physician Bluegrass Fiction Tour Stop

        This week I have a Chapel Hill medical conference followed by a book signing at the Music Loft in Carrboro on Saturday March 19, 2:00 PM. In addition, I may have a radio slot to tell you about; more to follow on that.  

        I guess no one can say my gig is not unique. My life roles of Doc and bluegrasser are so intertwined deep in my soul they are inseparable. In chemistry I would be called a compound, “a substance formed by the combination of elements in fixed proportions,” and one which can not be separated.

        You are welcome to sign up for the Medical Conference if there are any more spaces available. It is at the Friday Center at U.N.C. this Wed-Friday, and promises to be a dandy. Then again, while it all fascinates me, I have found my friend’s eyes glaze over if I go on too long about new advances in angiotension receptor blocker hypertensive therapy for patients with concomitant chronic renal disease. 

        In truth my doctor brain can sometimes grow weary, and needs a periodic re-charge. That’s why I play and write. So, after the Doc conference I’ll be over at The Music Loft with “The Mandolin Case” at 2:00.

        If you live near Chapel Hill, I hope you’ll come visit. While you’re there if you need some new strings support your local music store and buy ’em at The Music Loft. If you buy anything in the store over fifteen bucks while I’m there, I’ll give you a three dollar discount on my book if you ask for ‘The Carolina Coupon.’ 

       So see ya there. Catch me on break at the Friday Center (Wed-Friday) for a cup of coffee and an animated discussion of state of the art treatment of thrombosed hemorrhoids, or come to The Music Loft Saturday and jam with me on “Jerusalem Ridge.” I’m at home in either venue.

        By day it’ll be the Doc gig, but by night keep a look out for Tommy Edwards, who played with “The Bluegrass Experience,” the 1972 Union Grove World Champion Bluegrass Band. I might jam a couple of tunes with him, and I’ve meant to have him autograph his “Collection” LP from back then for several decades now.

        I know that might be hard for the non-bluegrass world to understand, but as Lester Flatt said, “in this music you are in it for life.”  

Dr. B

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3 Comments on “An Upcoming Physician Bluegrass Fiction Tour Stop”

  1. jel Says:

    Have a good week Doc 🙂

    ah to be a fly on the wall at the Conference or the Music Loft. but then aganin there would be some flypaper on the wall, and there ya go! 😕

    • drtombibey Says:


      Someday we’ll make the Missouri tour. I might make some medical stops out there, but I’d recommend the music ones more. Sometimes the medical conferences consist of a bunch of old guys who sit around and argue over who is the smartest, and they can be a bore.

      Dr. B

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Note from Dr. B: I edited this post today. The time will be 2:00 PM.

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