So Much For So Many By So Few – Quote of the Day

        I believe this was from Winston Churchill in WWII when the R.A.F. (Royal AirForce) held back the onslaught of the Germans.

        (paraphrased) “Never has so much been done for so many by so few with so little.”

        Although not to same heroic level, the same concept applies to a small band of primary care providers; doctors, extenders, nurses, and allied professionals. I’m not in education, but I bet they have similar issues. All kinda high paid consultants pontificate but don’t teach worry ’em to death.

        They remind me of the critics of the world; some guy who fancies himself as a music or golf expert but doesn’t play.

        I’d go on, but I’ll save it for ‘Acquistion Syndrome.” Gotta go to work.

        See ya,

Dr. B



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2 Comments on “So Much For So Many By So Few – Quote of the Day”

  1. Makes me think how much difference docs(/teachers, etc.) make in people’s lives every day. Keep up the good fight, doc!

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