Bluegrass First Class 2011

        As always Bluegrass First Class was a lot of fun. It was family and great bands and jam sessions and books and food. “The Mandolin Case” continues to bring new readers and friends. The bluegrass crowd understands what is important as well as any group of people I’ve ever known.

      And while I’m on the concept of important, I must reiterate that the notion of Grandpa is still a shock and awe deal to me. I looked at my wife and said, “Heck, we just got married. Are they old enough to have kids?”

       “Yes dear.”

       I’ll be back soon. Right now I just want to think about it all for a few days.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Bluegrass First Class 2011”

  1. Smitty Pres of Neuse River Says:

    Take all the time you need but don’t forget why you are. Ha!

  2. Babs Says:

    Trust us. You will be wonderful, and they will love you, whatever! About 4 yrs ago, our 3 yr old grandson wanted me to follow him up our yard , about 30 feet straight up to the street. Not on the driveway, but the steeper slope. I said I couldn’t climb that high. He said “yes, you can, Granny Babs. I ‘ll help you. I’ll always help you.” That little guy took my hand and walked me all the way up.

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