Thanks to All in Mississippi

        We’re traveling the highway home, but I did want to stop long enough to thank my Mississippi friends. It was a fun visit. I’ll have much to write about this over the next few posts.

       So, to Marfar, Tommy Jr., Marie, Ken and Cindy Smith, Ma and Pa Smith, Ms. T, all the Saltillo High kids, the Master Sargent, Emily and Reed’s Gum Tree Bookstore, Smitty, Julius, Dr. Richard, all the Saltillo Circuit Rider gang including the fiddlin’ Tupelo Beauty Operator (the beauty operators know all in Harvey County) Ms. Paula at the Jameson, Susan, and Elvis, I thank you every one.

        Y’all go visit Mississippi. As Pa Smith says, “Here in Mississippi we have so many ways to treat you good, you’re bound to like one of ’em.”

       We loved it all. A great state.

       Oh, and Lacy; all the best to you too, almost left you off.

Dr. B

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