“The Mandolin Case” on Audio

        I’ve had several folks ask about how to get “The Mandolin Case” in an audio format. Recently a lady named bethfinke wrote and asked if it was available. www.bethfinke.com 

        As always, I learn from my readers. It turned out at least one, a truck driver named Billy, had it on Kindle and had listened to the audio version it includes.

        I haven’t heard it yet (I’ve asked Santa for a Kindle for Christmas) but from what I understand the voice quality is very good. You can choose either a male or female voice, although Billy said the female voice is not as sexy as that GPS lady he listens to in the truck. Oh well, the GPS lady probably wouldn’t be a fit for the story anyway. She sounds sophisticated to me, and for the most part these were a bunch of rough country boys. Of course there was Giselle, the French foreign exchange student.

        On second thought, Giselle wouldn’t have worked as the voice of “The Mandolin Case.” She stayed here in Harvey County a couple of years and the only English phrases she learned were “motorcycle ride” and “Cool Whip, Indie.” 

        So for now the Kindle and it’s variations thereof serve as my audio format. Now if Cracker Barrel were to call, I’m sure my Lit agent could strike a deal. If he does, I’m partial to pork chops and eggs with lots of strong coffee.

        I may get a short post in before next Monday, but for the most part I’m gonna take off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope it is blessed for all of you. My friend Cliff Searcy posed this question on FaceBook not long ago: “If you could have one prayer and ask the Lord for anything what would it be?”

        I thought about that for a minute, and had to admit I had been blessed beyond what I deserve and didn’t need anything. So instead my wish would be for all my people to have tranquilly. It can be hard to come by in this modern world, and between faith, family, music, and writing I have been so fortunate to find it even before Eternity sets in.

        Y’all have a fine Thanksgiving.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on ““The Mandolin Case” on Audio”

  1. Carmen claypool Says:

    And a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We all have a lot to be thankful more. Family coming to Missouri from far and wide–I’m cooking up a storm.

  2. jel Says:

    happy Thanksgiving to y’all

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