A Call From a Bookstore (Got Books)

        The other day I was at the Billiard and Bowl taking in a bacon swiss CB with a chocolate shake and fries; a sort of last meal before I go into training for my physical at the end of the year. Lou Bedford gave me the message.

        “Hey Doc, Snookers says some guy wants to talk to you. Says he’s from a bookstore.”

         “Books by the Dozen? I thought they went under.”

         “No, Snook said he’s from out-of-town.” Lou handed me a slip of paper. “Here’s the number. Said call him before 7:00.”

         “Okay.” I dialed it. The man picked up on the third ring. “Got Books. May I help you?”

        “Tom Bibey here,” I said. “Lou Bedford gave me your number. How in the world didja get interested in “The Mandolin Case?”        

        “This is a university town. One of the professors is a regular customer. He has connections in the U.K. and they happened on it. I looked up your blog.”

        I listened for a minute. He carried all my favorites, not only old standbys like Twain, but newer one like Clyde Edgerton. He said he knew Ron Rash. “I’m true bluegrass,” he said. “Used to go to a lot of festivals in Florida.”

        “Really? Where you from?” I asked.

        “Boiling Springs.”

       My ears perked up. I knew that neck of the woods. “North or South Carolina?”


       “Right there near Shelby?”


      Hm. Wonder if he was for real. “Do you know where Earl’s old home place is?”

      “Down near the Broad River.”

      “Which community?”

      “Flint Hill.”

       I covered the receiver with my hand. “Hey Lou, this guy might be legit. I put the phone back to my ear and spoke into the receiver again. “Where’s Don Gibson buried?”

        “Sunset Cemetery. North forty. Big granite monument.”

         I cupped the phone again. “Dang a mercy Lou, this is for real.” I went back to the phone. “I can get my agent to drop ship you some.”

         “Does he have any signed copies?”

         “A few. I’ll see he gets ’em to you.”

        I hung up the phone. “Can you believe it, Lou? The home of Earl Scruggs and Don Gibson calling me, Tommy Bibey, wanting to get a hold of my book and read all about Harvey County.”

        Lou mopped the counter. “Reckon I’m gonna be famous, Doc?”

        “Naw Lou. I don’t think so. But I gotta admit, some University book store calling up Snookers to find me is remarkable. Who’d a thunk it?”

       “Now bad for a town where City Hall is in the back of the Dairy Queen.”

      “I reckon not, Lou. I reckon not.”

      Here’s their website: www.gotbooksnc.com Ask for George.

      Dr. B

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13 Comments on “A Call From a Bookstore (Got Books)”

  1. jel Says:

    so Billiard & Bowl, is a real place?

  2. newt221 Says:

    Billiard and Bowl may be a ficticious name…however, I can see you with the Cheese Burger, fries and the chocolate shake. My mouth was watering.

    You rock Doc!

  3. drtombibey Says:

    Cindy Lou,

    Naw not me. Honest to goodness I all but keep a GPS chip embedded in me, so my wife can keep up with me at all times. Besides, she’s as bad to go play music as I am. And when I stop at the B and B I always bring in food so she doesn’t have to cook.

    But now there were some guilty parties in “The Mandolin Case,” no doubt about that.

    Dr. B

  4. bethfinke Says:

    Is “The Mandolin Case” available in an audio format?

    • drtombibey Says:


      I wish I could say yes. My Lit agent has been at work on it, but hasn’t gotten it signed yet.

      I’ve had several folks ask. There’s a truck driver named Billy who has written more than once and asked for the format.

      I’m gonna talk to my agent about this again, ’cause it’d be good for folks who travel a lot.

      I just went over and checked out your website and decided I need to make an extra effort to get this done. Will let you know what my agent says.
      Dr. B

  5. Billy Says:

    I got me a Kindle for my Birthday last week from the kids and it has a fantastic feature that it can read the book outloud to you. This was great on the long stretch from Fort Worth to Midland last week. At first I thought that it would be a robotic voice but it was not at all. And it can be switched from male to female. At first I thought it was a little fast, but I soon got used to it and I am all for it.

    I am buying copies for all my brothers and sisters for Christmas. Three have Kindles but Mary Lou has an Android and George as an IPad. I can get the versions for all of them on Amazon.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Lord have mercy I didn’t even know that and I wrote the dang thing. I’ll have to let bethfinke know.

      As far as I know you heard the first offical audio version. You need to meet Felix Miller. He has the #1 copy of the paperback.

      I don’t know who bought the first Kindle version.

      Hey I had the first rough draft!

      Dr. B

  6. smitty Says:

    Doc, if I visit, will you take me on the tour, sounds like a lot of fun. Where is the eating place located?

    Got in 45 holes with the preacher yesterday and I can move today. I suppose playing mando keeps one in shape!

    • drtombibey Says:


      Will do brother. I’ll be your N.C. tour guide and you can serve as my Misssissippi counterpart when we’re there. (I should have good idea when right after Thanksgiving)

      The B and B is located just across the tracks near the graveyard. All the bluegrass people know where it is, most of the bigshots don’t.

      45 holes! Never bet against the Coach.

      Dr. B

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