The Mandolin Case on Kindle

        “The Mandolin Case” just made it to Kindle and I wanted to post the link in time for your Christmas shopping. I haven’t got a Kindle yet, but I plan to get one this year. I’ve always wanted to see my book on a computer screen with the typos cut out, and this is my chance.

        I’m okay with the electronic gizmos, but I don’t recommend them at the beach; not sure how well they will fare mixed with sand and sunscreen. 

          We used to say if you didn’t like our CDs they’d make a nice frisbee or a coaster for your coffee cup. Somehow I can’t picture my favorite Kindle on the coffee table with all those unsightly rings that tarnish the cover, so it doesn’t cut that gig. Still, though nothing wrong with high-tech as long as it preserves the traditional, and I believe “The Mandolin Case” does that regardless of format.

        Here’s the link:
Dr. B
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6 Comments on “The Mandolin Case on Kindle”

  1. Carmen Claypool Says:

    I emailed your “people” and asked it it would be availble for the iPad on iBooks. Apparently there will be a download that is compatible…I love the old ways, but I am a technology fiend too. 😉

    • drtombibey Says:


      Thanks so much and I’m glad they were responsive. My understanding is it will work with all the downloadable formats.

      I agree, high tech is at it’s best when it preserves the traditional. Without it I wonder how all of us would have ever formed this “Bluegrass Nation.”

      Dr. B

  2. Billy Says:

    I understand that Kindle is uses a different technology that allows you to read it on a Kindle at the beach [that is why you see the ads with them reading a Kindle on the beach] The IPad, is back lit and cannot be seen very well outside.

  3. Martin Waddell Says:

    Just caught your interview with WUTC-FM on YouTube. Nice to put a face and a voice to the name!

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