The Country Doctor Revisited

        Y’all I’m proud of this one. It is the only known example of physician bluegrass fiction to ever grace the pages of a formal medical compilation by a professor and scholar. Dr. Therese Zink is a regular contributor to JAMA, but she liked two of my essays enough to include them in her Kent State University Press book, ‘The Country Doctor Revisited.”

        I know what Mama is gonna get for Christmas. (She already has “The Mandolin Case.”) I know she musta fretted when I was young as to where my music might take me. Worry no more, mom. By virtue of my art more than science, your boy is hanging in there with the pros.

        Dr. Zink’s website is 

        Here’s ​a pic of the cover.

Dr. B

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7 Comments on “The Country Doctor Revisited”

  1. newt221 Says:

    Congrats Dr. B….

  2. drtombibey Says:


    I guess the reason this one means so much is it’s a formal recognition that what country people have to say about real life doctoring is also important, as is academia.

    Even though these are not bluegrass music based essays, as my buddy Wayne Benson says, “we are bluegrass and we aren’t going away.”

    Dr. B

  3. danny fulks Says:

    This reminds me: can you fit your mandolin into the doctor’s kit? Could pull a big surprise on a house visit. Congratulations. (Geez,that’s a big word, as the teachers’ say, “Sound it out.”

    • drtombibey Says:

      Dan, (And Billy)

      Yeah, Lord knows where it’ll lead. Maybe I’ll be hired at some big convention for doctor talk, and all of sudden pull out the mandolin and break into a big jam session. If they want me they can’t one without the other.

      Dr. B

  4. Billy Says:

    Hope your article gets you speaking engagements for large conventions in big city hotels.

  5. Carmen Claypool Says:

    I can just see it now. A jam session would be lots more fun than most conventions!

    • drtombibey Says:


      They say nothing is more boring than a whole hotel full of neurosurgeons who only want to talk about the best approach to resection of an astrocytoma of the third ventricle. At least I’d liven it up some huh?

      Dr. B

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