A Doctor With A Song

        My reputation is getting around.

        A couple of weeks ago, a new set of twins came to our practice. “Our old doctor was nice,” they told Lynn O’Carroll. “What do they do for fun here?”

       “Dr. B plays the mandolin.”

        “What’s a mandolin?”

        “It’s sorta like a ukulele.”  They didn’t respond. “You know, a little bitty guitar,” she explained.

      “A guitar?”

      “Somewhat. You want to hear him play it?

       “Yeah!” They bounced off the exam table. Better than shots, I guess.

       It was a lazy summer afternoon, and Lynn came and got me. “These kids have never heard a mandolin. You got a minute?”


        I got out my office mandolin and played the “Kentucky Waltz.”

       One came up and brushed her hands across the strings. “Cool.”

        Weeks went by. I didn’t think much more about it, but a couple of days ago I got a call from one of the other doctor’s nurses. “Can you talk to the patient in room two?”

       “Dr. Lucas’s room?”

        “Yes. They have a question.”

       It was little girl, around six I would guess. Her hair was pulled back in a pigtail and she had a bunch of freckles.

       “Whats the matter, kid?” I asked.

       “My cousin was here last week. She got a song.” Her lip pooched out.

        “Hm. Let me go get my mandolin” I played “The Kentucky Waltz” again.

        She brightened up. “I’m gonna tell my sister to come here.”

       “Well make sure your mama tells the insurance company there’s no extra charge for a song; the music is free here. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

      “Okay.” She hopped down out of the chair and skipped down the hall where her mother was at the checkout window. “Hey mama, the music’s for free.”

        My guess is when that kid is old she won’t remember she had contact dermatitis, but I’ll bet she’ll won’t forget the doctor played a song for her on a little bitty guitar. If I’m lucky she’ll remember it was the “Kentucky Waltz.”

        I wonder how many doctors serenade their patients. I hope the government and the insurance companies don’t find out. I bet they’d put  a stop to it.

        As for me, I’m gonna keep the music going as long as I can. What I can’t cure I can at least make feel better.

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “A Doctor With A Song”

  1. newt221 Says:

    You see, music and medicine do go hand in hand together. I might have been a better patient to my doctor when I was a child if he offered music. As it was, he would have to pen us in the corner to get a good look at us. We were like wild animals…Hey, doesn’t music calm the savage beast?

  2. kbennitt Says:

    music does more than calm our nerves and relieve stress. It can transform even the worst of situations into manageable events. You have a gift doc!

    Kristi Bennitt

  3. worddreams Says:

    Great story. So you play in your medical practice too, huh. My rheumatologist plays lovely piano for his patients while they’re being infused. I’m going to have to go back on those so I can hear him.

  4. Melissa Says:

    That sounds so great, Dr. B. 🙂 I wish I had a doctor that did that! I’ve always told people that music can make people feel better.

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