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        Okay guys, for anyone who missed the “summer tour” you can catch some of it on this NPR station today Wednesday 10:00 AM and again at 2:00 PM. Here’s the link: 


        I’m not sure if folks came out to eat barbecue, listen to music, or just for the novelty of interviewing a physician bluegrass fiction writer, but this young man from the “Around and About Show” asked some very good questions about the writer journey at Smoking Ed’s BBQ last week in Chattanooga. I hope there are a few pearls in the interview that might help young writers who have their sights set on publication.

        Hey, at least no one can say the gig was a bore. No one even fell asleep. My agent said it was the most entertaining book signing he’d ever attended. Most of these gigs are in a library where an author starts to read a passage and some lady looks over those half-glasses tethered around her neck by a little gold chain and shushes anyone who makes any noise. Often they drone on and on till a third of the crowd conks out and everyone goes home at 8:30. I guess I’m the Rodney Dangerfield of literature. I don’t mean any disrespect, but we’re just getting cranked up by then. 

        As always I appreciate any and all feedback y’all might render. It was only my second radio interview and I’ll be curious to see if my readers think it made any sense. I like to write because you have plenty of time to compose your thoughts. This radio gig was on the fly and I have no idea what I said.

         Should you miss it (you might have a life I figure) you can hear it at your leisure on their website. Here is that link: 


        I’m off this weekend but will be at the Darin and Brooke Aldridge show at the Sylvia theater in Rock Hill, S.C. Darin and Brooke are up for a sackful of IBMA nominations. All of us in the Carolinas have known it was coming for a long time, but to the rest of the world it is just now “I Thought I’d Seen it All.” If you live in the upstate S.C, area come visit. I promise these kids will sing their way into your heart. Their web site is www.darinandbrookealdridge.com

        I send out this post in memory of John Hartford, who was such a good friend of Fletcher Bright’s, the Chattanooga real estate man who is a mainstay of the bluegrass scene in that neck of the woods. (The fiddle part of Indie was inspired by Fletcher)  

        So much to tell; (or show that is) so little time, but will back in touch soon. 

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Turn Your Radio On”

  1. Billy Says:

    I will listen to the train that came by FOUR times when I was standing there. It’s whistle shook my truck as I was pulling to the side of the road. Saw some TV guys there also, hope we also get to see that interview. Also got to meet Felix and Barbara who purchased the certified first copy sold on Amazon. Great fun, great day.

  2. drtombibey Says:


    I love trains. We have one that runs by the office. I am 80% doctor, but every time the whistle blows it reminds me I’m 20% artist. Trains never fail to stir my soul to explore worlds unknown.

    I wonder if the train rolled by in the background during the NPR interview.

    Dr. B

  3. Beth Says:

    Enjoyed hearing your voice, Dr. B. I got an early copy of TMC from Amazon
    and read it over vacation, am re-reading it now to see what I missed the first
    time through. Your interview reminded me to look for more subtleties. 🙂
    I also play the mandolin and it’s a great stress relief from a stressful day job like yours.

    For those listening in, the Dr B interview started about 9 minutes into the hour.
    So if you miss the first few minutes you’re still ok.


    • drtombibey Says:


      Thanks so much. I missed the AM one ’cause I was out mowing the grass, but caught it at 2:00. You’re right about the first nine minutes. At first I thought I’d gotten the wrong time!

      There is no doubt I’m a country boy on (or off) the air, but I got to have my say, huh?

      Hey bring your mandolin to a show sometime and we’ll jam one together.

      Dr. B

  4. Felix Miller Says:

    Dr. B, we heard the interview in the car on the way home from seeing Barbara’s parents off on their way home. We both liked the interview very much. The young guy who put it together was very professional, and asked good questions, as you mentioned in your post. You do very well in interviews, I can say after hearing two, the WNCW one and now WUTC. Your conversation is just like your writing, and that is a very good thing.

    Didn’t hear the Norfolk Southern in the background, though. That train made the afternoon even more a bluegrass kind of day.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Felix and Barbara,

      I though he did a fine job with the interview, but to get the whole experience you’d have to be there huh? (And y’all were!)

      Dr. B

  5. Ron Tyrie Says:

    Dr. B,
    Thanks for posting the interview. It was good to hear you pick a little.
    I just started the second pass through TMC (slower this time) to see what I sped past at MACC.
    Looking forward to crossing paths again sometime in the future. Please tell your bride hello from me.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Will do brother. We will meet again and get to pick too.

      Right now they are getting ready for Kindle and IPad and also gonna take out the “Collector’s Version” typos.

      The story does seem to have some traction, so we’ll see where it goes.

      Dr. B

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