Where I’ll Be (And Also Would Like To Be)

        I have already started to find out I can’t be everywhere I’d like to be. I’m committed to a life as 80% doc and 20% artist. As much as I am flattered by the fast start of the book, I found out right away this gig could overwhelm me. I’m booked a lot for July but after that I’m gonna try to hold it to a max of one weekend and one Wednesday per month.

        Here’s where I’m gonna be (and also where I’d  like to be) for now. I updated my Tour Schedule page on the blog and also will add these to my website.

        July 22-24 Columbus Ohio. Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) One of the biggest charity events in all of bluegrass. They start on Wednesday; we will arrive on Thursday the 22. website:  www.bluegrassclassic.com

        July 30. (Friday) Chattanooga Tennessee. Late lunch book gig (1:30) at Smokin’ Ed’s Barbecue.

        July 30. Signal Mountain Opry  Jam session and book gig. approx 7:00 PM. (just outside Chattanooga)

        Where I’d also like to be: Grey Fox. They have been very kind to me. We met Lisa Husted of Grey Fox on our first visit to New England at the Strawberry Park Festival in Preston, Connecticut. She read the author’s note of “The Mandolin Case” and then inscribed the words “A beautiful understanding of the healing power of music.”

       I was stunned ’cause she got it right away. Lisa arranged for Grey Fox to have 48 signed copies of The Mandolin Case  available at Grey Fox. She’s read the whole story now, and I’m certain she could give you a very accurate synopsis if you’d like to hear a bit about it.

        Also it looks like The People’s Mandolin will change hands at Grey Fox. This will be the first transfer I’m not able to witness. Guys, all I can say is thanks for your kindness and I wish I could be there. I just had to tend to some doc biz at home and couldn’t make the 14 hour trip this time.

        Lisa, I’ve been told you’re one heck of a fine singer. I’ll be back to New England, and next time we’re gonna have to jam a few tunes.

Dr. B

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6 Comments on “Where I’ll Be (And Also Would Like To Be)”

  1. Lisa Husted Says:

    We are in full swing at Grey Fox … and the healing is happening before my eyes … Thanks for the kind words – I’ll be looking forward to the next time our paths cross – See you at IBMA!

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Sing one for old Doc; might heal me long distance. Yep we’ll be at IBMA for sure, and we’ll look forward to a few songs there too.

    Dr. B

  3. Martin Waddell Says:

    This comment doesn’t have anything directly to do with this particular thread on your blog, but I have to let you know that your book has arrived here at long last – postman delivered it couple of days ago and I just finished reading it over lunch. Loved it -great characters, intriguing plot, lots of little descriptive touches which really brought home the feel of your particular part of the world. I could almost hear the music in the background while I was reading. And the bad guy gets his come-uppance in the end. And I was really impressed to discover that you guys drink Oban – I thought it was all Jim Beam and Jack Daniels and that kind of stuff. OK, JB and JD are good, but single malt whisky from Scotland is something special, and Oban is right up there with the best of them – I live 15 miles south from where they make it, you must come and visit some time. Going to recommend the book to my friends and give it the best on Amazon. Looking forward to the next book already.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Ah my brother is has all to do with this post, ’cause Scotland is on our list of places we have to go before we head to the Nursing Home.

      That is so cool about Oban. My brother-in-law recommended it and that is how it made it’s way to the saga.

      Dr. B

  4. I was lucky enough to see you at Strawberry Park and see Belle, the recipient glow as she played the people’s mandolin, I was also EXTREMELY lucky to see Belle hand it off to Zoe (see her on PBS here http://www.vicrawlings.com/vicrawlings.com/Mandolin_Lessons.html) and have pictures that will be posted soon!

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