More on Red White and Bluegrass

        Late last night it began to settle down. Mountain Heart still rocked the stage. I’d made it all day on two chicken sandwiches, a perpetual plastic glass of Arnold Palmer (half sweet tea/half lemonade) and a never-ending jam session.

        The Moore Brothers remind me a little of the Snyder family. Cute, precocious, polite; everyone is sir or ma’am and they play at the speed of light. The great Jethro Burns said (paraphrased) said never follow dancing animals or small children. I was glad I was with the Moores; I’d sure hate to have to follow them. They are show-stoppers.

        We sold books and told old stories. People dropped by and gave me some great material for my next book, “Acquisition Syndrome.” I had no idea folks in North Carolina knew so much about that story, but then again I shouldn’t be surprised. Harvey County knows all. I found out all kinds of things from the bluegrass people about “The Mandolin Case,” and I have a notion history is gonna repeat itself.

        I don’t even know exactly how many books I sold, but I gotta reload the truck after I finish this post. I never was a biz guy anyway. I’m too busy having fun and just living, but I’ll get around to figuring up a close rough estimate next week. I might not be Grisham, but I set out to find my people and “The Mandolin Case’ is doing just that for me. I got invited to jam sessions all over the Southeast, and somehow I’m gonna get to all of ’em before I’m called home.

        We’re still in the top ten in the Amazon “Country Books” category. The #1 book is a story about some girl who was a groupie with a band, and the cover is a bit out-of-bounds for bluegrass. There’s no way old Doc can compete with that, so I’ll just have to be what I am. Besides, I promised my mama I’d keep it to PG 13, (as a Doc I saw worse) and that’s what I’m gonna do. No good Southern boy ever goes against mom, so I’m sticking to it.

        Come out and visit at Red White and Bluegrass. This is the premier bluegrass festival on my summer schedule. If you are new to our music, this is a perfect one to visit and get your feet wet. Make sure to try Mr. Harold’s peach ice cream, and tell ’em Dr. B send ya. They’ll treat you like family, I promise.

        Rumor has it the Harvey County All Stars are gonna be at my booth at 11:00 AM to jam so I gotta split. See you there.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “More on Red White and Bluegrass”

  1. newt221 Says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself better than a pig does mud. I am glad this is turning out to be an exciting trip and time for you. Keep it up Doc.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Marfar and I always had the notion the book would lead us to a lot of good people, and leave behind a written statement of what we believed to be important.

      We hoped it would give us a way to see the country and try to break even on our expenses on the journey. From what I can see that is a reality. (unless I eat too much ice cream!)

      Dr. B

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