The Journey of the People’s Mandolin, June 2010

        This is my favorite photo from our trip to New England. It is from my friend Ted Lehmann, blogger and Northeastern bluegrass photojournalist. It’s one of those shots that captures so much of what I hoped to say with my writing.

 Here are three people of diverse ages and backgrounds, and yet through art they have a common bond. It’s like I said at Strawberry Park. “I know you must wonder what an old doctor from North Carolina and a pretty young girl from New England could possibly have in common. The answer is we both love mandolins, we both love the same music, and we both have families who love us. This makes us the lucky people.” 

        All of us who are that fortunate need to do what we can to pass it on, and I hope the “Journey of the People’s Mandolin” will be some small part of that process.

        Isabelle, wherever you are out there, when you pass it on get your folks to take a photo and send it in. Work hard and play hard. When the tough questions in life come around turn to your parents and grandparents to search for the answers.  See you down the bluegrass road, and take care kid.

See more photos at Ted’s blog:

Dr. B

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6 Comments on “The Journey of the People’s Mandolin, June 2010”

  1. Levonne Says:

    Lovely statement Dr. B. I didn’t know that you were from North Carolina. I was born and raised in Montgomery County, North Carolina.

  2. That’s so beautiful, Dr. B. I love that little speech you gave – and you’re right, the picture is lovely and completely sets the mood for your passion and love of the bluegrass community.

  3. Lua Says:

    Such a lovely photo Dr. B!
    I love seeing different people with different backgrounds coming together for a common ground like the love they have for music…
    For some reason, it gives me hope 🙂

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