The Strawberry Park Kid’s Camp “Teach Your Children Well”

        Today I wanted to update you on “The Journey of the People’s Mandolin.” On its second leg of the journey it stopped at the kid’s music camp at the Strawberry Park Festival in Preston, Connecticut.  We were there when Irene Lehmann handed if off to Isabelle, who was one of the camp children.

        I got an e-mail this weekend from Vicki and Tim, who were some of the lead instructors at the camp. They have a fine legacy in progress in New England; a very organized effort to pass the music on their children. All of us who love the music, and our children, can learn something from them.   

        I couldn’t help but contemplate what kind of world we might have if we all set out to teach our children music and not the hate and aggression that is so often passed along. I guess we have to have our dreams and our art to keep going. I believe they will make the world a touch kinder for their efforts. I posted some of the pics I took of the kids below. There are more on Vicki and Tim’s website at http://www. and also at Ted Lehmann’s blog. His address is:

        The book website is now google-able, and they tell me the Amazon link to order will be operational soon, so stay tuned. 

       All my best to Vicki, Tim, Isabelle, and the other camp children and instructors. You have my respect for your preservation of traditional music, and for your wisdom to “teach your children well.”

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “The Strawberry Park Kid’s Camp “Teach Your Children Well””

  1. Baby Bibey Says:

    Getting excited for you dad! Just a few more days!!!

    • drtombibey Says:


      It is an exciting time. I gotta tell ya though nothing will ever compare to those days when your mama and I drug you and Tommy Jr. to all those festivals around the Southeast. Seeing all those kids brought back a flood of memories.


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