My First Book Gig -Red White and Bluegrass

        Okay guys, here’s where you can find me. I’m at the age where a lot of folks sit down and give up, but I gotta keep on the move. My wife and I view our “tour” as one big excuse to take in festivals and meet new people. We hope to sell enough books to break even.

        My first try at this is gonna be Red White and Bluegrass in Morganton, N.C. I called the director and asked if I could be a vendor.

        “Hello. My name is Dr. Tommy Bibey. We sure look forward to Red White and Bluegrass.”

        “Thanks. It’s growing every year. We’re proud of it here in Morganton.”

        “No doubt. We are too. I wanted to ask you about being a vendor.”

        “Sure. What’s your product?”

        “The Mandolin Case.”

        “Hm. We’ll have several represented. What kind of case do you carry?”

       “Oh it’s not a case case, its a book case, “The Mandolin Case.”

        “A book?”

        “Yes. It’s a medical legal mystery solved by bluegrass people.”

         “Come again?”

        “”The Mandolin Case.” I’m the only physician bluegrass fiction writer I know of. Tim Stafford heard that and said, ‘Doc, that has to be fiction.’ It is but it’s all true. Trust me, I’m true bluegrass. I knew Mike and his boy back in Linville Ridge days long before Aaron played with Mountain Heart.”

         “Will Mike vouch for you?”

        “Yes sir. He knows I’m a real bluegrass doctor.”

        “If Mike is for you, I am too. Go to the website and fill out a vendor application. We’ll treat you like family.”

        “Yes sir. I know you will. You always have and did so long before I had a book.”

        So there you go. Dance with who brung ya. My first book gig. By the way, I stick with my promises. My first book store signing will be at Reed’s Book Store in Tupelo, Mississippi if they’ll still have me. I’m gonna try to work out a swing by there around IBMA week. I promised ’em they’d be my first book store and I’m sticking by it.

        I have no idea how Red White and Blue will go. The publisher has promised books by June 25, but I suppose there is a slight chance it could get delayed and I won’t even have ’em. But a promise is a promise and I’m gonna be there, even if all I do is give out cards and jam a few tunes with whoever stops by. After all, “The Mandolin Case” is just gonna be old Doc’s never-ending jam session, so I wouldn’t miss it.

        I suppose it’s possible I could make a fool out of myself. I recall a boy back in college who decided he was gonna spiff up and go to the girls’ dorm and get a date. He put on his best suit, stood in the lobby clutching a bouquet of flowers, and spoke to every girl who walked by. Not a one gave him the time of day. He came back to the dorm room and closed the door. Poor boy couldn’t even give away his flowers.

        Some of the other guys laughed at him, but I didn’t. Rejection is a scary thing, and it can happen to any of us. Much of art is tossing your heart out there and seeing if folks will stomp on it or embrace you. I have no idea how my book will be received, but I promise y’all I did my best. Like the boy at the girl’s dorm all I know to do in life is keep trying until things work out. 

        See ya at Red White and Blue, July 1-4, 2010. Their website is:

Dr. B

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14 Comments on “My First Book Gig -Red White and Bluegrass”

  1. Carmen Claypool Says:

    You’ll be far from home, if you get to Mid Missouri…but you get a welcome like family. 🙂

    • drtombibey Says:


      Missouri is on our radar for sure. We plan at least one trip to California, and on the map it looks like y’all are right on the way out there.

      Dr. B

  2. Dr. B,
    The Snyder Family will look forward to seeing you at Red White and Bluegrass. Sure hope your books make it – put our name on one.
    Bluegrass Friends,
    Snyder Crowd

    • drtombibey Says:

      To the Snyders,

      I have the proof copy and I’ve already had a lot of bluegrass people sign it, so I want ya’ll to also.

      I just got back from the Strawbery Park Festival in Preston, CT, and worked with the kids up there. You guys need to contact them about playing up there and maybe helping out with the kids camp. They would love your children. Tell ’em Dr. B recommended you.

      I want to tell you that while my book is a lark in places, it does deal with some tough issues. As a Doc, that had to be. Overall I would rate it PG 13.

      Your kids are so sweet and precious. In some ways I hate to show them some of the rougher parts of the adult world. However, I had to be real about the way I wrote it to show the truth.

      Maybe parents can use it as a springboard for discussion with their children about how to avoid bad things. I also tell children with parents like y’all that no one loves them more than their people and they should always turn to them for guidance in what can be a bad world at times.

      Dr. B

  3. Smitty Pres. of Neuse River Fan Club in Mississippi Says:

    Doc, finally a chance to say hello, great news on the book, we have got some time to check in now on the happenings in the life Of Dr. Bibey and Marfar. I am heading out of town but will have some down time. Again great news on the New York Times best seller book; I can visualize a book signing to help out the local theater guy bring in some crowds to a show,we do know that you can do that! I have got to say hello to Ted……..he has got it going on!

    • drtombibey Says:


      Having fun. Saw Ted in CT last week.

      When I come down there I’d like to do a book store gig, but also would like to play at your church again.

      If folks want to buy a book they can do so at the bookstore but I’d want the church gig to be a fundraiser for your church like the one I played at before.

      I can be a money changer of sorts at the book store, but it wouldn’t feel right at the church. We’ll give the Lord His due there.

      Dr. B

  4. Levonne Says:

    You’re getting out there! Congratulations! May the force be with you!

    • drtombibey Says:


      Old Doc just had to give it a whirl. We have two or three events we plan to do in the rest of 2010.

      In 2011 and forward we hope to do about 6-8 per year. Most of these will be festivals, but I am sure we will also go to some of the “Indie friendly” bookstores.

      Keep a watch out for us. I hope I won’t be like the boy who couldn’t give away the flowers, but I have to try. Gonna have fun no matter what.

      Dr. B

  5. milkfever Says:

    Mississippi is a bit too far away from Australia for me to cheer you on in person. But I will be there in spirit. I am visualizing your book becoming a number one best seller over there.
    Remember to have fun and enjoy your big day.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Hey I appreciate the ‘lectronic vote of confidence. It’ll be a big time for old Doc.

      I’m sure it’ll be a low key deal, but my wife and kids said it was their favorite book already. To me that is better than a call from the New York Times.

      Dr. B

  6. newt221 Says:

    Good luck Dr. B. I am sure that if any of those people like to read, they will pick up your book… Just start picking and grinning to attract a crowd and then start the hawking of the book. There are bound to be buyers…

    Too bad that Indie is not there to go with you. But, if you tell some Indie stories…that should attract people too.

    • drtombibey Says:


      I hope it does okay, but no matter what I’m having a lot of fun. I write because it is something I had to do, and it has already made me a bunch of new friends. That makes it worth it regardless what happens.

      Dr. B

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