The Unique Writer

        I recall a TV clip years ago. I believe it was Andy Rooney. He said he believed every human being who ever lived should have at least some small recognition recorded for all time. With the age of computers he thought it wouldn’t be too much to ask that everyone should have at least a one or two line permanent on-line obituary.

        I liked the idea, and didn’t forget it. I believe each of God’s children is unique and special and none of them should be forgotten. Maybe as writers that’s what we do with our blogs. Like it or not, the world has no choice. There’s no way to ignore us. We are bloggers and we aren’t going away!

        I am unique because as far as I know I am the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer. I use phrases like ‘ain’t done it,’ but also ‘retroperitoneal  lymphadenopathy.’ I love being a doc but I’ve got to play some bluegrass music to survive the emotional toil medical practice exacts. I think the blues in bluegrass takes the pain away, and if you sing a killing song you can get over the desire to hurt someone who deserves it.

        I came up in a biology and chemistry background. I made an “A” in Organic but preferred Dr. Smiley’s History of the South lectures. I’d turn down golf on a pretty spring day to hear his lectures even after I had long since passed the course. I write because I believe the human truths that endure are found in more often in art than science, but I was quick to sign up for modern cataract surgery.

        I have one green eye and one blue one. I’m skinny and old and gray-haired; I have to fight with ideas instead of fists. I am strong but weak; our strength comes when we understand we all depend on each other. (Try to wrestle an orangutan alone if you don’t believe me)  I like to gamble with the boys in golf, but prefer to have at least one female in the band; it’s just a better sound to me.

        I like Bach, but I dig Monroe. I enjoy my medical colleagues, and respect them, but I love my bluegrass friends like family. I’ll watch the History Channel, but don’t care for ‘rassling or reality shows. (I’ve never seen one from start to finish; too ADD I guess.)

        I find women smarter with words than men. I can pick a pretty girl out of a line-up but I am loyal to and only love one woman.  I like children but I love my own and would fight for them or my wife. My daughter is a black belt in karate and would have to protect me but she’d pretend I saved the day. (She knows old Dad has an ego to protect.) My boy used to drive me to the hospital late at night when I was too tired to go alone.

        I am nice to people and try to be a gentleman, but can be a relentless street fighter with those who treat my people poorly. I try to find beauty with art, but if have to I’ll write words to paint ugly in a corner it can’t escape. I believe to war with a pen yields peace more than to wage it with guns, although I realize there are times we have no choice.

        I believe in the pursuit of excellence, but accept I’m not perfect. I think celebrity is a worthless concept. What good is famous for being famous if you ain’t doing anything for anybody? I respect achievement but don’t understand the worship of any mortal human being; we are all flawed.

        Heck, enough of my someday on-line writer obituary. Tell me about you. What makes you a unique writer? What is your genre? Andy Rooney was right. We all deserve some permanent recognition. What do you want to be remembered for?

Dr. B

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11 Comments on “The Unique Writer”

  1. gerryrosser Says:

    I have said, often, in my life that I believe everyone is special, and that happiness might be more common if everyone knew they were special and stopped trying to prove it. Being special is the gift of nature.

    What do I want to be remembered for? I’ll get back to you on that.

    • drtombibey Says:


      I believe everyone has a great story. All that makes writers different is somewhere along the way they learned how to put it to paper.

      Dr. B

      • gerryrosser Says:

        Or had the chutzpah to put it to paper!

        Amen, Gerry. Maybe it’s a case like the bumble bee who didn’t know flight was impossible. -Dr. B

  2. frigginloon Says:

    Hi Doc, just doing a drive-by… it’s OK, I come in peace you can put your bluegrass away 🙂
    Hmm, I like writing about human foibles and the ironies of life.
    I would like to think my legacy to world will be grins and giggles, especially when my friends and family think of me….no tears, just laughter for a life well lived.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Hey those sound great reasons to live and write for me. You don’t have to be a picker to be my friend. There’s room for all of us is this world.

      I appreciate you driving by and hope you’ll stop in again.

      Dr. B

  3. Oh Dr. B… I started to tear up. That was such a beautiful piece about yourself. You’re an incredible human being, and I think it’s just amazing and awe-inspiring that you can both appreciate your strengths and faults and embrace them all as being part of you.

    You know I’m just a young’un, and I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what I want to be remembered for. I guess my biggest and scariest dream is to be remembered for being a writer [not famous, not huge, just a writer who has some people out there who enjoy reading my books] but that’s too big and far away to really make sense now.
    I suppose I’d like to be remembered as kind, as a good friend, as a good daughter and sister and niece- if there were nothing else in my life, I’d still have my close family to love.

    • drtombibey Says:


      One time a big shot very tough lawyer told me I was a good doc, but the thing I did best was to hold my people close.

      I am close to old now, and you are still a young-un, but you already do that too. Continue on with that spirit. Someday you will also be old and will know that for that effort you got to live without being cheated out of the best life has to offer.

      As writers we may or may not see wide recognition, but if we honor our people we will be a success.

      Dr. B

  4. newt221 Says:

    You are my hero Dr. B. I look at your words and know that I can “do it” too. I sometimes stare in wonder at the stuff that I put on the screen. It is sometimes like I am possessed and the words just fight to get out and on the screen.

    We are all beautiful and wonderful creatures of God. Someone said the other day that we have God’s DNA in us since we are made in His image. That should give us all reason to pause for a second at least.

    • drtombibey Says:


      I think we all are children of God too. To me the only difference in writers and other folks is we are compelled to write it down until we begin to make some sense out of what is near impossible to understand.

      I’m sure we writers we don’t figure it all out either, but it beats not searching at all.

      Dr. B

  5. ideagirlconsulting Says:

    I write historical fiction, mystery thrillers, women’s fiction, chick lit, and children’s books. I make all sorts of stories and then give up trying to edit them (it takes me 2 days to write a novel and months and months to edit) If I had the money and an editor, maybe then I’d get published. but then again I’m learning how to edit my own stuff working on it one step at a time. in the meantime I make youtube videos and create little stories with them. people like that.

    • drtombibey Says:


      I saw your blog and thought it stood as unique, so I’d keep on writing. We all gotta be what we are, and nothing else will do.

      Dr. B

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