Bluegrass Purgatory and White Robes

        My FaceBook ‘Song of The Day’ was ”The Old Camp Meeting Days’ by Jim and Jesse. I think we should be thankful for the new that is good (like modern cataract surgery) but still embrace the old ways we don’t need to lose. 

        I thought about ‘White Robe’ too.  You need to hear my little pal Brooke Aldridge sing that one sometime.  I am not a theologian by any stretch, but I know you can’t get into Heaven on good works alone.  I’ve tried to live right the best I can but have failed many times.  On my own I fear the best I could do is scratch my way into Bluegrass Purgatory.  (Down in the laundry in charge of the White Robes, but not allowed to wear one.)

        One of my worst faults is stubbornness and being slow to forgive.  I’m not too bad about it if people are mean to me, but if they are mean or disrespectful to my people I go into a tailspin and figure out all sorts of ways to trip them up.

        Sometimes I think the best way to defuse them is to say, “You sure have been mean.  I want you to leave my people alone, but at the same time I pray you will find peace and happiness.”  I don’t have many enemies, but I do get around to praying for them over time.  I am just too slow about it. 

        Oh well, I guess none of us live up to His standards.  So today my prayer is for the people who have been mean to my family and friends.  I want them to leave my people be, but I still hope they can find their way to happiness.  I don’t deserve a White Robe, but know I can have one if I am sorry for what I do wrong.  At the same time I’m only human.  When I don’t get it right all I can do is shrug my shoulders, ask for forgiveness, and move on.  

        I’d send a message that my coat size is 44 long but He already knows that.  I didn’t earn it but I believe He’ll wrap it around me anyway.

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Bluegrass Purgatory and White Robes”

  1. newt221 Says:

    Dr. B…
    You will have a wonderful coat in heaven. Not sure what the color will be. I think heaven will be a very vibrant and colorful place.

    I fight fiercely for my friends and loved ones too. No one messes with those I love. I have a hard time letting go too. But, I have found that God gives us the grace to forgive. He also gives us the feeling of protectiveness towards our loved ones…

    Have a good one and enjoy this beautiful day.

    • drtombibey Says:


      I kinda hope it’s one of the White Robes, but I’ll accept whatever He has in mind for me. You gotta hear that young lady sing that song someday- wow!

      Best wishes. May your journey always be blessed with the truth.

      Dr. B

  2. Simpkins Says:

    Dr. B…
    I don’t have any doubts about you having a white robe, Christians aren’t perfect, Just Forgiven.


    • drtombibey Says:


      You are right brother. None of us can earn it, but will be given the grace we do not deserve. We’ll end up picking together in Eternity my friend.

      Dr. B

  3. KYgirl Says:

    Dr. B,
    Your blog was suggested on a friends blog (jbulie) and I had to visit! Your writing has inspired a deep longing to be sitting with my granny in front of her wood burning stove in eastern Kentucky! What a pleasure to find your site! You are so right about appreciating the old ways! The most comforting thing about going back home is that the important things never seem to change. There is always work to be done and a hot homemade meal at the end of the day. Lord Bless you and remember we have all fallen short and none deserve those white robes, as you said, they can’t be earned. But in Jesus we can walk confident that we will meet in Heaven one day!
    Thank you for bringing me home for a moment!

    • drtombibey Says:


      Kentucky folks are bluegrass sure enough. That’s where it all started.

      I so much appreciate your visit. When new folks drop in it makes my day.

      Hope you’ll come back. If you ever run into me on the bluegrass trail please shake my hand and let me know who you are.

      Dr. B

  4. Felix Miller Says:

    I summarize my spiritual condition as being a recovering sinner and an aspiring Christian, neither of which processes will be completed in this life, and not by my own efforts. Recognizing these two facts is sometimes hard to do, in fact, it’s always hard to do.

    Your comments show a lot of self-knowledge and humility, Doctor B. Your robe will be waiting, I am sure. I sometimes wonder about mine.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Heck fire if I’ve got one so do you brother, ’cause you ain’t no worse a sinner than me.

      Dr. B

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