Music Therapy -Somewhere Over the Rainbow

        By mid-morning I had given a tearful family a bad diagnosis and delivered the news with as much compassion as I could.  I’d fought with two insurance companies to approve therapy that had already helped my patients.  A team of high dollar lawyers was determined to deny benefits to some poor guy who was hurt on the job.  I gave them my usual line.  “The truth is a powerful ally.  I suggest you book a day at the Courthouse here and convince a jury I’m not telling the truth.”  So far, no takers.  

        It was all so unfair I had to stop for some music therapy.  The office ground to a halt.  Everyone waited. I chose ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’  I played it for a little friend who was scared of those flying monkeys.  I’m only one old gray-haired country doc, but at least today the child was reassured.  I wanted to let her know we can overcome fear.  Poor Judy Garland was so sensitive. Even as a child she knew there had to be something better.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road; maybe there are still some Wizards out there.

         I dedicate this song and today’s post to all my music friends.  They are my music therapists. When they play on my office IPOD I can see my way to get by one more hypocritical insurance company or executive type who views a patient as part of their private market share kingdom.  

        My patients come to me not because I am the world’s best doctor, but because I view them as fellow human beings and not pawns in a grand commercial scheme.  With the help of the Good Lord and my chosen stress reliever of music therapy no one can stop me.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Music Therapy -Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  1. newt221 Says:

    Dr. B….
    I admire you more than I can express. It is never easy to have to step into the fray and battle for those who “depend” on you to be their white knight. It is also not easy to let someone know when the battle is almost at an end and things need to be put in order.

    I firmly believe God put special people like you here on this earth. You have a special place in heaven and will be sitting at the “family” table at the huge party that is going to be in the hereafter.

    Know too that there are those of us here on earth that thank God everyday for those like you. And, that you especially have those that keep you in their prayers.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Really and truly kid I am just a regular old mortal guy who tries to do his best. I just hope when I wind up in the Nursing Home folks will come visit and play some music.

      I’ve already been told if I do my best and I’m sorry for what I didn’t get right I’ll be one heck of a mandolin player in Eternity. (No stethoscopes needed there)

      Dr. B

  2. Ponder Says:

    Doc: I believe that folks come to you because they know you’ll do all that’s in your power for them and that you genuinely care for them, their families and their outcomes – that they’re not just bricks in the wall to a financially successful practice. Can’t say that I know of too many like you that are walking around out there. I will visit you at the Shady Rest (and might be your roommate!)

    • drtombibey Says:


      I do what I can for my people; sometimes I don’t feel very powerful though. I remember one old Doc who told me sometimes we can’t do much but at least we ought to care, and I thought he was right about that.

      When we wind up there I’m gonna challenge you in the Thursday putting match.

      Dr. B

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