Ego Be Gone

      I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve got as much ego as the next guy, especially when it comes to patient care.  There I can be a maniacal animal.  I want it done right when people’s lives are at stake.

        But in everything else in life I try to set it aside.  There is a lot to learn from other people.  All my life I have followed a pattern.  When I find someone better than me at something I end up becoming their friend.  When I first came to Harvey County, people said I was smart ’cause I could do good on those bubble tests.  One day a guy showed up in town who was from a famous institution.  After a few conversations, I thought he knew more than I did.  He became a wonderful friend and a valued consultant.  What I can’t understand is why some folks felt threatened by him and did their best to undermine him.  

        It has sure been that way for me in music.  I’ve played with guys whose case I shouldn’t carry, but they have accepted me because I at least care enough to try to understand what they are doing even though I am not that gifted.

        We all have our Achille’s heels, though.  Like I said before if someone gets after my people I can turn surly and competitive and will work every angle available to kick their you know what.  It is a side of me I don’t like and have to forever work on. 

        One of my treasured staff people found me a fine Bible verse that comforted me.  She accepts me for what I am; an old plow horse who gets his blood up on race day and thinks he’s a thoroughbred.  I went home and told my wife about the parts of the day are legally and ethically acceptable to discuss.  She smiled and fixed me some chicken soup.  I might write my buddy Cliff and ask him to send me another verse.  That old Bible has some good answers to hard questions.

        Today is a better day, and I am back to my old amicable self.  I got some things done for my people on a couple fronts without the compromise of anyone’s privacy, and I didn’t shoot anyone, so I’m happy.  I prayed about it, and managed to stuff that stupid ego back in the foot locker. 

        I have found smart people are often on the same page even though at first it seems like they might be reading a different book.  If they are smart, care, try hard, and are honest, I’ll give ’em their due even if I don’t agree with them 100%. 

        I’m gonna help my wife in the yard today.  I don’t know a thing about it, but she loves it.  Spring is coming on and she knows how to create beauty out there, so I’m gonna try to learn something from her.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Ego Be Gone”

  1. newt221 Says:

    We all have those times when….I can relay to you plenty of my own times when… And, I also have to be reminded by those around me.

    Used to be when I had one of those days, I would take my dandilion popper and get out in the yard and pop the heck out of those old dandilions. It made me work of my energy and gave me a peace because I could imagine who those old dandilions represented.

    Yard work, like music is soothing there is a rhythm to it. And physical exertion never hurt anyone!

    • drtombibey Says:


      Yeah old Doc got a burr under his saddle, but I’m gonna go cut whatever tree limbs my wife deems need to go and work it out.

      Dr. B

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