Dogs Who Bark

        There was a blip in the news recently about people who cut dog’s vocal cords so they can’t bark.  I guess I am simple but I can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing.

        When I come home, the first thing I hear is our old mutt’s bark.  My wife says they can be in the back of house and the dog will jump up out of a dead sleep when I pull in the driveway.  She hears my truck before my wife does and scampers to the front door to greet me with her characteristic bark.

        By the same token if a stranger pulls in her ears perk up and she rushes to the front door, but her bark sounds different; more of a throaty growl.  My wife can tell if it is me or a stranger at the door every time.

        Why would anyone not want a dog like that?

Dr. B

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11 Comments on “Dogs Who Bark”

  1. Martin Waddell Says:

    Never heard that bit of news – I’m shocked. Cruel, or what? My wife and I used to have a dog ourselves -English Springer. Her bark was part of her dog personality – couldn’t imagine depriving her of it. OK, some dogs’ barking can be a bit of a pest, but the answer isn’t to cut out their vocal cords, the answer is proper training – first for the dog owner, and secondly for the dog itself. Been reading a couple of books by one of your fellow Americans, Cesar Millan – “The Dog Whisperer”. He makes it clear that, when it comes to problem dogs, the problem usually lies with the dog owner. Cut out the dog’s vocal cords? How utterly appalling!

    • drtombibey Says:


      I agree with you; it is usually a people problem, not a dog problem.

      Man, I love those Springers. They are beaufiful dogs.

      Dr. B

  2. pied type Says:

    If you don’t want the bark, you don’t get the dog. They sort of go together, ya know. Those people would probably cut out a kid’s vocal cords for laughing too loud. Sick.

  3. newt221 Says:

    Did you see the Superbowl add for Doritos with the dog and the shock collar? Maybe that is what we should do to all of those people whow would try to discourage a dog from doing what comes naturally.

    Barking only becomes a nuisance if the dogs are not properly trained. And you don’t have to cut their vocal cords or use a bark collar either.

  4. Dr B, I can’t understand it either. It is not only inhumane to remove dogs voice boxes, it’s just plain abominable. Problem barking in dogs is usually a symptom of boredom and bad “parenting”. My boy isn’t a yapper but I do like his vocalisations when we get home and I feel a lot safer knowing his booming voice will keep the perimeter clear.

    I totally agree with Martin about training the owner, then the dog.

  5. It is barbaric. My dogs communicate, they don’t just “bark.” And they are for me, as for your wife, my greatest allies.

  6. drtombibey Says:

    Amen guys. I agree with every one of you. Cindy, I sort of watched the game peripherally, didn’t pay much attention, and missed that one, but I agree- the people are the ones who sometimes need a shock collar, not the dogs.

    Dr. B

  7. TC Conner Says:

    There’s a kennel across the street from me, and you can imagine I hear plenty of barking dogs. But not once have I ever thought of doin something so cruel.

  8. That’s just horrible!!! How could anyone take a dog’s voice away? I mean, if someone wants a dog to have as a pet and companion, why should they alter its nature and hurt it like that?! I’m simply appalled…

    • drtombibey Says:

      T.C and slightly,

      It is hard to understand how in the world people come up with such notions isn’t it? Like you guys, something like that would never occur to me.

      Dr. B

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