Why I Feel Lucky

        Here’s why I feel lucky.  Kenneth Jethro Burns was on my office IPOD playing a cool mandolin chord melody of ‘Four Leaf Clover.’

       The train came through.  For all my ADD ways, I am good to concentrate on my patients and seldom distracted, but I was in my study at the time.  My thoughts drifted to travel.

        I began to write in 2000.  I’ve had the same game plan since 2002; write a bluegrass based book, have it out in 2010, then travel a little with my wife for a couple years before we get too old to go.  Our goal is to meet the best people, play a lot of music, learn a bunch of new songs, and sell enough books to make the trip break even.  A buddy of mine said he toured with a bluegrass band and made it to California and back.  He had a great time and met all kinda folks.  After it was over he had ten more dollars than he started with.  He is my hero.    

       I listened to Jethro as the train rumbled through and the whistle blew.  I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee.  The girl was on my mind; my wife is still just a kid like me.  I poured up a cup and spotted a fortune cookie on the counter.  I opened it.

        Honest to fiction; here’s what it said.  I have it right in front of me so this is an exact quote:  “You will travel with the person of your dreams.”

        There just ain’t no denying it.  My destiny is to be a lucky man and it has always worked out that way. Just wait and see.

Dr. B

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3 Comments on “Why I Feel Lucky”

  1. DJB Says:

    Dr. B: I love this story. Any blog that starts with a Jethro Burns reference has got to be good! And the guy who travels the country and winds up with $10 more in his pocket – priceless! Thanks for the good work.


  2. […] in two months here in the Washington area, I was fortunate enough to read Dr. Tom Bibey’s Stories of the Bluegrass Music Road blog this morning.  It reminded me of how your outlook affects so much in […]

  3. drtombibey Says:


    Hard to beat Jethro. Did you know he was Chet Atkins brother-in-law? I love those jazz kind of tunes.

    If you get snowed in, all the more time to play guitar my friend.

    Dr. B

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